Hotel Emiliano Design & Branding SHORT STORIES J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo


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Sector Hoteles
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Brasil
Agencia J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo
Creative Director Roberto Fernandez David
Art Director Sthefan Ko
Copywriter Luiz Filipin, Ana Cavalcanti E Guilherme Nesti
Photographer Tuca Reines
Illustrator Eduardo Recife
Publicado abril 2010

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Illustration
Product/Service: HOTEL EMILIANO
Date of First Appearance: Apr 10 2010
Entrant Company: JWT BRAZIL, São Paulo, BRAZIL
President/Chief Creative Officer: Mario D’Andrea (JWT)
Creative Director: Roberto Fernandez (JWT)
Art Director: Sthefan Ko (JWT)
Copywriter: Luiz Filipin (JWT)
Copywriter: Guilherme Nesti (JWT)
Illustrator: Eduardo Recife
Account Team: Renata Maximo (JWT)
Account Team: Isabel Castro (JWT)
Art Buyer: Renata Sayão (JWT)
Head of Media: Ezra Geld (JWT)
Media Director: Renata Valio (JWT)
Media Team: Priscila Napolitano (JWT)
Client Supervisor: Carlos Alberto Filgueiras (Hotel Emiliano)
Client Supervisor: Gustavo Filgueiras (Hotel Emiliano)
Client Supervisor: Rodrigo Montesano (Hotel Emiliano)
Photographer: Tuca Reinés
Media placement: Poster - Inside Hotel - 24/04/2011

Describe the brief from the client
Emiliano Hotel, a 5-star boutique hotel is renowned for the high standard of its facilities, but which offers a unique feature: providing an incredible experience for anyone who enjoys their stay.

Describe the challenges and key objectives
Each poster has a history based on a true story, illustrating how amazing the hotel is.

Describe how you arrived at the final design
The work of the artist Eduardo Recife was based on the written stories that use true facts to tell how amazing a hotel can be. The illustrations created were a work of interpretation by the artist. Sentences turned into drawings. Words became images.

Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
And the result is a poster that is more than a communication piece. It’s a piece of art.