Infopresse Design & Branding OFF 2013 Cossette Montreal

OFF 2013

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Sector Equipos y servicios comerciales, Corporate Image
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Canadá
Agencia Cossette Montreal
Creative Director Barbara Jacques
Designer Richard Bélanger
Strategic Planner Florence Girod
Publicado octubre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: INFOPRESSE
Category: Advertising Typography
Advertising campaign: OFF 2013
Chief Creative Officer: Antoine Bécotte (Cossette)
Creative Director: Barbara Jacques (Cossette)
Account Executive: Dominic Langdeau (Cossette)
Art Director: Richard Bélanger (Cossette)
Motion Graphic: Richard Bélanger (Cossette/Infopresse)
Account Executive: Flavie Desgagné-Éthier (Cossette)
Strategic Planner: Florence Girod (Cossette)
Motion Graphic: Hugo Brochard (Cossette/Infopresse)
Designer: Richard Bélanger (Cossette)

Brief Explanation
Following up on the success of the first edition was a challenge. How could we fire up the same level of enthusiasm? How could we continue developing the platform’s identity to create as much impact in the business world and expand our audience? How could we stand out from the crowd once again amongst the countless number of other conferences already on offer? In order to live up to the hype generated at the launch, our challenge was to reposition the OFF conference in a new light, and make it inspiring and essential for anyone interested in creativity in business.

We powered up everything with energy, light and connections as major thematic elements, applying the visual language of electrical connections and power bars. The theme of the second edition was based on five different types of power: tree branches for math; snails for introverts; engines for trans-humanism; medusa for madness; and corn cobs for local initiatives. We created ink blots to represent each of these powers to stimulate the imagination, ushering the audience into a journey into the abstract. Throughout the day, artists working with “thread art installations” gradually transformed the space, fully immersing participants in the experience.

Client Brief Or Objective
“OFF” is a ground-breaking, multidisciplinary conference, organized by Infopresse, bringing together some of the best and brightest speakers and visionaries of the 21st century in business, architecture, design and human sciences. “OFF” focuses on sharing ideas that will lead to real change based on creativity, innovation and leadership in business. For the second edition, our mandate was to ensure the evolution of the conference’s visual identity to continue attracting a new generation of visionary business leaders on the lookout for innovative content and to make sure we achieved the same level as enthusiasm as the first edition.

For the second year in a row, this event sold out within 30 days. Once again, we managed to reach our target audience of upper echelon attendees; half of the participants included presidents, vice-presidents and managing directors from the business world as well as cultural organizations. Many attendees reported that instead of sitting through an endless stream of speeches, as in traditional conferences, they enjoyed an inspiring, enriching and immersive experience.