Roca Design & Branding RITUALS Tiempo BBDO


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Sector Imágen personal y artículos de baño, Hogar y Mascotas, Equipos y servicios comerciales, Corporate Image
Media Design & Branding
Mercado España
Agencia Tiempo BBDO
Art Director Jordi Comas
Copywriter Siscu Molina
Account Supervisor Lara Balcells
Publicado octubre 2009


Cannes Lions 2010
Design - Gold

Creditos y descripciones

Type of entry: Corporate or Brand Identity
Category: Other Digital Executions for Advertising and/or Promotion of Brands or Products
Advertiser: ROCA
Product/Service: ROCA BATHROOMS
Agency: TIEMPO BBDO Barcelona, SPAIN
Partner / Chief Creative Officer: Siscu Molina (Tiempo BBDO)
Creative Director: Jordi Comas (Tiempo BBDO)
Copywriter: Siscu Molina (Tiempo BBDO)
Art Director: Jordi Comas (Tiempo BBDO)
TV Production Manager: Anna Morell (Tiempo BBDO)
Filmmaker: Paul Freeth (BooLab)
Executive Producer: Lucas Elliot (BooLab)
Strategy and Communication Director: Bibiana Del Alcázar (Tiempo BBDO)
Account Supervisor: Lara Balcells (Tiempo BBDO)
Communication Manager: Xavier Torras (Roca)
Brief Explanation:
The challenge was to create a space that was more than a product exhibition. We created a new brand experience on a visual and sensory level.
Describe the brief from the client:
To design and install all the content in the new Roca Building: “Roca Barcelona Gallery”; an architectural space created for the world number one in bathrooms to convey its image, philosophy and product range. It is an innovative smart building with a floor space of 2400 m2 spread over three floors, designed by Carlos Ferrater’s Office of Architecture Barcelona.
Description of how you arrived at the final design:
Each day often has a similar rhythm. Getting ready in the morning, coming home in the evening, getting ready to go out: we follow the same rituals from one day to the next. And the bathroom is a vital part of many of these rituals.
With this philosophy based on our research, we developed RITUALS; an interactive installation based on all the different meaningful everyday in bathrooms.
Full-scale projections that get “steamed up” which can then be “wiped away” in real time depending on the movement of the viewers.
Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:
We created a new, cutting edge design and technological atmosphere according to the futuristic architecture. A new experience in bathroom spaces.
High attendance since opening last September to the end of February, with a total of 11,500 visitors. With the support of audiovisual and interactive media and content, exhibitions and activities of high cultural and media interest for the city are being planned and carried out in the space.