Hotel Emiliano Design & Branding HOLY SKIN J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo


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Sector Hoteles
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Brasil
Agencia J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo
Art Director Ricardo Kawano, Christian Faria, Filipe Cuvero | Vinicius Montana | Rogerio Puhl
Copywriter Marlon Zanatti
Producer Flavio Colella, Fabio Sato
Photographer Regis Fernandez
Account Supervisor Renata Maximo, Isabel Castro, Ana Hernandes | Camila Duarte | Felipe Giacon
Publicado abril 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Logo Design
Product/Service: SANTA PELE (HOLY SKIN)
Date of First Appearance: Apr 1 2011
Entrant Company: JWT BRAZIL, São Paulo, BRAZIL
President/Chief Creative Officer: Mario D’Andrea (JWT)
Creative Director/Art Director: Roberto Fernandez (JWT)
Art Director: Christian Faria (JWT)
Art Director: Ricardo Kawano (JWT)
Art Director: Vinicius Montana (JWT)
Copywriter: Marlon Zanatti (JWT)
Photographer: Régis Fernandez (JWT)
Account Supervisor: Renata Maximo/Isabel Castro/Camila Duarte (JWT)
Art Buyer: Renata Sayão/Paula Ferrari (JWT)
Producer: Fabio Sato/Flavio Colella (JWT)
Client Supervisor: Carlos Alberto Fernandes Filgueiras (Hotel Emiliano)
Media placement: Logo Design - Hotel Emiliano - April/2011

Describe the brief from the client
Santa Pele is a brand of cosmetics by the boutique-hotel Emiliano, renowned for its excellence in service to its guests. Therefore, we needed to redesign the presentation of the packaging of their cosmetic brand to be as elegant as the hotel.

Describe the challenges and key objectives
In a market where customers are accustomed to using internationally renowned brands, we needed to highlight not only the quality of products, but also their presentation. Thus, anyone trying the product would be able to attest to its great quality.

Describe how you arrived at the final design
We decided to take advantage of the brand name Santa Pele (Holy Skin, in loose translation) to explore the characteristics of the skin of those using the products. By using a thermochromic (heat-sensitive) ink adjusted to the Brazilian climate, which reacts with body heat and reveals different colours and textures, anyone touching the product creates a unique and exclusive logo each time the skin comes into contact with the brand. Thus, for the first time a brand that cares for your skin has packaging and communication materials that reflect the characteristics of those touching it.

Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
Packaging that creates a different logo every time you touch it has become a success among the hotel staff themselves. But nobody could have imagined that guests, in addition to taking the packages with them at the end of their stay, would return to the hotel to buy more shampoos, conditioners and other items from the Santa Pele product line to use in their own homes.