Streamtime Design & Branding Streamtime, 8 For The People

Streamtime, 8

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Sector Software y Multimedia
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Australia
Agencia For The People
Director Andy Wright, Damian Borchok
Executive Creative Director Jason Little
Copywriter Mat Groom
Designer Sam Mcguinness, Olivia King
Illustrator Ben Walker
Publicado octubre 2016


D&AD 2017
Branding Branding Schemes/Medium Organisation Wood Pencil

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: For The People
Client: Streamtime
Developer: Pius Jeon
Developer: Eugene Lai
Developer: Kevin Liu
Developer: Alan Whitby
Interactive Director: Johanna Roca
Executive Creative Director: Jason Little
Digital Designer: Melissa Baillache
Director: Andy Wright
Director: Damian Borchok
Engineer: Brady O'Halloran
Animator: Ben Walker
Designer: Olivia King
Designer: Sam Mcguinness
Copywriter: Mat Groom
Design Director: Johanna Roca
Illustrator: Ben Walker
Design Agency: For the People
Planner: Amanda Gordon
Brand Director (Client): Aaron Green
Streamtime is a project management tool with a 14 year history of success in the creative industry. The product was going through a major overhaul – rebuilding from scratch with today's user needs at the core of the redesign. Workflow and time management are now simpler and more intuitive. To-do lists have replaced timesheets, recording time as tasks are completed. The new identity builds on the new foundation of the product, the to-do list, and uses the colour blocks to create a series of visual and verbal stories relating to the product benefits.