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Miniature Worlds [image]

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Sector Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets (en)
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Ogilvy & Mather New York
Associate Creative Director Thiago Cruz
Executive Creative Director Mike Hahn, Ryan Blank
Creative Director Bastien Baumann
Senior Art Director Lauren Van Aswegen
Copywriter Chad Johnson
Photographer Justin Bettman, Weston Doty, Sam Sulam
Publicado octubre 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Design Brand Environment & Experience Design: Trade Stands Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Title: Miniature Worlds
Agency: Ogilvy New York
Brand: Lenovo
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Ogilvy New York
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy New York
Production Company: Phillip Nuveen, New York
Creative Director: Bastien Baumann (Ogilvy New York)
Executive Creative Director: Mike Hahn (Ogilvy New York)
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Blank (Ogilvy New York)
Executive Producer: Eric Soloway (Ogilvy New York)
Executive Group Director: Ryan Laird (Ogilvy New York)
Account Executive: Brendan Mcgrath (Ogilvy New York)
Worldwide Managing Director: Sandeep Vasudevan (Ogilvy New York)
Senior Art Director: Lauren Van Aswegen (Ogilvy New York)
Associate Creative Director: Thiago Cruz (Ogilvy New York)
Miniature Artist And Designer: Phillip Nuveen (Phillip Nuveen)
Copywriter: Chad Johnson (Ogilvy New York)
Photographer: Justin Bettman (Ogilvy New York)
Photographer: Sam Sulam (Ogilvy New York)
Photographer: Weston Doty (Ogilvy New York)
Lenovo asked us to develop a concept for their booth at the Walmart “Chosen By You” event, where Walmart invites consumers to view the latest items for the upcoming holiday season. Event evaluators (Walmart Executives) observe the event and judge the experience provided by each company’s booth. The booths that get the most attention from consumers and the highest ranking have their products featured in Walmart’s $300M holiday media buy.Our challenge was to attract consumers to the Lenovo booth and display the Yoga Book’s best product features, which would be launching two months after the event. The goal was to be selected and featured in Walmart’s holiday media buy. That meant we had to design an innovative concept that would attract attendees at the event to learn more about the Yoga Book and build excitement for its upcoming release of the Yoga Book.
Campaign Description:
Trade shows are usually seen as an opportunity for brands to do something big and flashy. Lenovo took the opposite approach. Instead of going big, they went small. Really small.The Lenovo Yoga Book is a high tech, flexible product that lets you work and create, with less. We showed the product’s functionality through miniature worlds set around the product. Four Yoga Books were laid out with unique scenes that displayed key product features.Cinema World (Tent Mode): A miniature theater built around the Yoga Book as it played a film.Writing World (Drawing Mode): The Yoga Book in an open position as the stylus is held up by miniature people.Pool World (Folded Mode): Folded Yoga book displaying moving water with figurines swimming and lounging by the device.Disco World (Standing Mode): Miniature dancers and DJ showing off the backlit halo keyboard as a disco ball plays on screen.
Lenovo as a brand believes that different is better. So in a trade show setting where other brands create garish displays to make as much noise as possible, Lenovo did the opposite. Instead of going big, they went small. So small it couldn’t help but draw attention.Each setup displayed the Yoga Book’s features and positioned the product as something that is more than a tablet, which is important for a younger demographic of students and young professionals on the move. A generation that’s “born mobile” needs a product with more fluidity of use for both their professional and personal lives. Our displays showed the products versatility as well as how the technology empowers you to do your best work, no matter where you are or what you’re trying to do.
The display was a set of four Yoga Books surrounded by their own “worlds,” showcasing the multi-mode features of the product. The beautifully crafted sets consisted of handcrafted miniature figurines and other paraphernalia that created small scenes around the devices. Each display was engaging to event attendees and drew them into the booth. Every device had its own story, illustrating one of the four modes and showing the product’s versatility. The entire project was created without any writing, so viewers of all backgrounds were able to quickly understand how the products functioned without any language barrier. This in turn allowed the setup to be replicated in various markets during the product’s actual launch in Europe and Asia.
The concept achieved its mission by successfully securing a spot in the Walmart Holiday media buy. Lenovo was placed second in the technology category with an average rating of 4.74 out of 5 and received the second most reviews at the event. The high ratings allowed the product to be featured in the $300M Walmart media buy, which helped sales of the product during the holiday season.We met the challenge of communicating the product’s flexibility, 4-in-1 productivity, dual use stylus (with or without ink), halo keyboard (backlit keyboard), and create pad for digital paint through the small scale display. We turned complicated technology features into a simple, entertaining story. Lenovo was so impressed with the work that it inspired a second phase of the same concept that was rolled out at IFA. Held in Berlin, this event was the official release for when the products went on sale.