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Sector Revistas
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Mother New York
Publicado noviembre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Temporary Retail
Mother New York: Mother New York (Mother New York)

Focused on the monthly editorial feature in WIRED magazine’s “What’s Inside” column–which takes new and innovative products and analyzes inside to see what makes it special–the final design took inspiration from the recognizable illustrations style and layout. The final design took on the theme of deconstruction, allowing consumers to closely discover surprising components of the gadgets and gear featured throughout the space.We also created DIY Workshops and other in-store experiences that further communicated exploring the products and space from the inside out.

Client Brief Or Objective
We were tasked to evolve the WIRED store concept with a creative solution that pulled from the pages of the magazine and communicated a single and clear “organizing principle.”

30,502 NYC Shoppers78,940 Online Shoppers$19.4m in Initiated Sales70.6m Impressions on Twitter300m+ Total Media Impressions From a consumer perspective, the experience became a physical manifestation of the magazine’s much-loved subject content, extending the reach far beyond the pages and into the world. 98% believed the WIRED Store “brought Wired to life”94% say the WIRED Store provided “an interactive experience” 91% were “extremely likely to recommend the WIRED Store to others”84% think the WIRED store “exceeded their expectations”

Brief Explanation
The key objective was driving foot traffic, media and general buzz for the pop-up. Conceptually, within an expo environment, the key challenge was to create an idea that connected 300 disparate products with the WIRED brand and resonated with the content behind ‘What’s Inside.” But each year’s Pop-Up also presented an opportunity to reintroduce the brand to consumers in the world–current and non-current readers, early adopters of new technologies and products and gift-givers.