FIND YOUR JAZZ Roberts Communication para Xerox


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Sector Eventos, Equipos y servicios comerciales, Corporate Image
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Roberts Communication
Associate Creative Director Mark Stone
Photographer John Myers
Print Production Manager Wendy Disalvo
Publicado abril 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Foods
Chief Creative Officer: Bruce Kielar (Roberts Communications)
Assistant Account Executive: Jen Ciotta (Roberts Communications)
Senior Mechanical Artist: Gail Sklair (Roberts Communications)
Photographer: John Myers (Myers Creative Imaging)
Associate Creative Director: Mark Stone (Roberts Communications)
Senior Mechanical Artist: Michelle Anlyn (Roberts Communications)
Senior Art Director: Scott Loftus (Roberts Communications)
Senior Account Supervisor: Shane Grant (Roberts Communications)
Print Production Manager: Wendy Disalvo (Roberts Communications)
Senior Copywriter: Kory Andrieu (Roberts Communications)
Printer: Virgil Rotella (ASC Graphics)
Proofreader: Parrish Kelley (Roberts Communications)

To help attendees “find their jazz” we divided the music into subcategories and created posters that expressed each style. These posters triggered a custom mobile augmented reality app providing the full lineup of artists, concert times, and additional info on each featured style of jazz. Stylistically, we mixed original photography with custom type design to give each poster its own unique feel.

Brief Explanation
The festival attracts a vast array of people from casual listeners to hardcore fans. Xerox’s goal was to help provide ways for people to enjoy their time without the stress that can be overwhelming at a large festival. And introduce festival-goers to the new, services-led Xerox.

Client Brief Or Objective
Establish Xerox as not merely a sponsor, but as an active participant/partner in the jazz festival and engage customers and prospects in a unique way. Enhance attendees' experience by branding the festival area with large communications. We were asked to make an impact at this premier event where nearly 200,000 people attend over 9 days.

The posters helped create awareness and engage tens of thousands of customers and prospects at Xerox areas around the festival. The clients have indicated that the campaign was a success and are using this work as part of a case study highlighting their ability to provide interesting and innovative experiential engagement.