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Sector Advertising agencies (en), Equipos y servicios comerciales
Media Design & Branding
Mercado Japón
Agencia Yomiko Advertising
Illustrator Ken Konno
Publicado mayo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Calendars
CW: Hiroshi Nagano (Yomiko Advertising)
Illustrator: Ken Konno
AD: Akira Ichimura (Yomiko Advertising)
AD: Shinnosuke Ichimura (Yomiko Advertising )
CD: Yoshinori Otani (Yomiko Advertising )
ECD: Hiroyuki Taura (Yomiko Advertising )

Client Brief Or Objective
The remarkable economic growth of Japan and the accompanying mass production and mass consumption culture has come at a cost to the environment and the habitat of wildlife. As a result, many animals unique to Japan that were a common sight just 20 years ago are endangered. Of the 90,000 distinct species of animal life in Japan, 3,155 are on the “Red List” of species in danger of extinction. As promoters of mass consumption through the advertising we create, YOMIKO Advertising (the client) must consider how to raise awareness and encourage action to tackle this problem.

Our message required a lasting medium with which people could interact every day, 365 days a year. Our solution was the calendar. Our concept of “a calendar connected by a red thread” both highlighted the issue of the red list of endangered animals while making people aware of how they are connected with all living things every day of their lives. The design comprises a font to mark each day and illustrations of endangered species – all embroidered and linked together by a single red thread. This beautiful design pleasantly and naturally awakens curiosity in the endangered species.

When WWF, the world’s largest conservation organization, was approached about our calendar concept, they graciously provided their cooperation. The QR code printed on every calendar month page provides instant access to the WWF website where the calendar owners can make a donation towards saving endangered wildlife. The traditional stitched “staple-free” binding, paper, ink and other specifications raised awareness of eco-friendly alternatives among our production partners. And though it is only months since the beginning of 2013, this calendar is already making more people aware of Japan’s endangered wildlife and how even small changes in their behavior can protect the environment.

Brief Explanation
The first challenge was the choice of medium. Mass media is symbolic of mass production/mass consumption culture and would contradict the message. Secondly the message required engaging communication with a constant presence that encourages interaction. Finally a design that not only integrated and enhanced the message, but also rose above the flood of eco communication in the market and focused audience attention on how their daily actions can save wildlife. In summary, our mission was to engage people and influence their behavior in a novel way without using conventional advertising.