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Sector Stationery (en)
Media Direct, Case study
Mercado Ecuador
Agencia Maruri Grey Quito
Creative Director Luis Campoverde, Alejandro Peré, Director Adrian Morano
Art Director Diana Duque
Copywriter Ernesto Martinez, David Rodiguez Sanchez
Publicado noviembre 2013


Cannes Lions, 2014
DESIGN LIONS Communication Design: Flyers, Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Christmas and Other Greetings Cards BRONZE

Creditos y descripciones

Type of entry: Communication Design
Category: Flyers, Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Christmas and Other Greetings Cards
Category: Office Equipment
Advertiser: 3M
Product/Service: PETRIFILM
Agency: MARURI GREY Guayaquil, ECUADOR
Media: DM
Client: 3M
Entrant: MARURI GREY Guayaquil, ECUADOR
Type of Entry: Communication Design
Category: Flyers, Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Christmas and Other Greetings Cards
Entrant Company : MARURI GREY Guayaquil, ECUADOR
Advertising Agency : MARURI GREY Guayaquil, ECUADOR
Production Company : MARURI PRODUCTIONS Guayaguil, ECUADOR

President And Chief Creative Officer: Eduardo Maruri Miranda (Maruri Grey)
Creative Director: Adrian Morano (Maruri Grey)
Creative Director: Luis Campoverde (Maruri Grey)
Creative Director: Alejandro Peré (Maruri Grey)
Copywriter: Ernesto Martinez (Maruri Grey)
Copywriter: David Sánchez (Maruri Grey)
Art Director: Diana Duque (Maruri Grey)
Production Manager: Santiago Maruri (Maruri Grey)
Production Director: Ana María Puig (Maruri Grey)
Post Production: Topher Chang (Maruri Grey)
Account Director: Arturo Sicouret (Maruri Grey)

Brief Explanation:
Our main challenge was to get laboratory technicians to read the benefits of the 3M Petrifilm Plates while they use the product.

At the same time get them to experience first hand the benefits of the product.

As a design objective, we wanted to make the target get to know the benefits of 3M Petrifilm plates in a unique, relevant,effective and memorable way, considering that other laboratory suppliers usually send traditional and boring paper brochures to try to sell their products.

Describe the brief from the client:
Our clients brief was to draw new laboratories to 3M´s customer base, by persuading them to change from the traditional testing methods to Petrifilm.

We did it by informing them that this product is the best and fastest way to perform testing, since it speeds up data management by 4 seconds, optimizing analysis processes by 45%.

The business objective was to achieve a 30% positive response rate. Out of the 96 biggest laboratories, 3M wanted to gain 29 as permanent clients for Petrifilm.

The B2B strategy was to surprise laboratory technicians while they worked with their most used device: Microscopes.

Design Process:
We develop a very small microscopic mailing of 500 nanometers, equivalent to the size of a bacteria.

To create the mailing, we used ground breaking laser technology developed in a Technological Institution in Germany.

We printed a text on the 3M Petrifilm plates, so small it could only be read with a microscope.

We sent a box to each laboratory in Ecuador, in it there was one Petrifilm plate.

Each Plate contained the 500 nanometers printed text with the benefits of the product.

We delivered the mailing to the main 96 laboratories for microbiological testing in Ecuador.

Within the next 2 months ,87% of them, that is, 83 laboratories, started ordering the 3M Petrifilm analysis plates, exceeding our objective of 30% positive response rate.

This campaign has been the most successful campaign in the history of Petrifilm.

3M is now looking to implement it all over the world.