Aa Alcoholics Anonymous Direct CRASH COOLER J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo


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Sector Against alcohol (en)
Media Direct
Mercado Brasil
Agencia J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo
Creative Director Erick Rosa, Fernando Duarte
Art Director Rinaldo Ferrarezzi, Fabio Santoro, Pedro De Gouveia, Rafael Borges
Publicado enero 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Special Build
Advertising campaign: CRASH COOLER
Account Team: Carla Magro (JWT)
Art Director: Fábio Santoro (JWT)
Art Director: Pedro De Gouveia (JWT)
Account Team: Luciana Rodrigues (JWT)
CCO: Ricardo John (JWT)
Creative Director: Erick Rosa (JWT)
Account Team: Pedro Carminatti (JWT)
Copywriters: Pedro Furtado (JWT)
Copywriters: Raul Palhares (JWT)
Media: Ricardo Medeiros (JWT)

We showed how dangerous it is to drink and drive at the most critical moment: while people were actually drinking.

Client Brief Or Objective
In Brazil, 23% of all car accidents are alcohol-related. We needed to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving among young people.

People need to be aware of how dangerous drinking and driving can be and that they should call a taxi to drive them home. So, in partnership with one of the hottest bars in São Paulo, we distributed slightly different insulated beer coolers to costumers. They had a sound device and a tilt sensor on the inside. Whenever people poured beer into their glasses, they heard the sound of a car crash. On the bottom of the cooler was the message: “Drinking and driving never ends well.”

We started a conversation about the dangers of drinking and driving. And this conversation happened at the most important moment for this topic: when people were actually drinking. About 60% of the people who were impacted by this action took a cab home.