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Sector Coches
Media Direct
Mercado España
Agencia Proximity Barcelona
Executive Creative Director Eva Santos
Creative Director Carles Alcon
Art Director Francisco Arguijo, Darío Rodríguez - Arturo González - Uriel Sánchez - Aldo Ramírez - Ana Segurajauregui
Copywriter Edu Escudero
Account Supervisor Carolina Serena
Publicado diciembre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Retention
Advertising campaign: AUDI ICC
Art Director: Ana Gonzalez (CP Proximity)
Creative Director: Carles Alcón (CP Proximity)
Account Director: Esther Soto (CP Proximity)
Head Of Technology: Ruben Mejías (CP Proximity)
Account Supervisor: Carolina Serena (CP Proximity)
3D Producer: David Elosegui (Elosegui)
Executive Creative Director: Eva Santos (CP Proximity)
Technical Developer: Gerard Albanell (CP Proximity)
Copywriter: Edu Escudero (CP Proximity)
Art Director: Francisco Arguijo (CP Proximity)
Bloghunter: Marina Robledo (CP Proximity)

8% increase of the intention to renew among Audi* clients.28% increase of the association of technological attributes and Audi*.Positioning itself as the most technological brand according to consumers, ahead of BMW and Mercedes for the first time. International Media Impact valued at €400,000.The new Audi ICC was the most notorious Audi launch in 2012 in Spain.Despite not a single unit being sold. •Source: Ad-hoc study

We wanted the Audi ICC to be taken as another Audi model, so we launched it into the market- in early December- using the traditional vehicle launching strategy:-First outlines sent to blogs and spy photos launched online. -Selection of the real outlines that are most relevant for each project phase, in order to be mailed to clients. -Incorporation of the Audi ICC onto the brand’s website as one more model.-Car Configurator, for configuring and sharing the Audi ICC. -Supersonic test drive exclusive to clients. A personalized aerial route from Lapland to each client’s house, by email.

Client Brief Or Objective
Audi is a brand that bases its position on the continuous technological advances of its vehicles. However, people do not always understand these concepts. Audi Spain wanted to communicate its technological capacity to clients and prospects, strengthening its leadership over the competition. But is it possible to talk about technology in a different way? In a way that would be understood by all audiences?

We decided to go for what Audi does best: creating technological vehicles. However, in this case the purpose was not to sell it, or even to produce it. In this case, the goal was to prove that technology can be something familiar and fun. That’s how the Audi ICC- Intergalactic Christmas Concept- was born. Audi’s technology serving to create an utterly new version of Santa’s sleigh:- Conceptualized in Spain - Designed on demand by Audi engineers in Germany- With more than 20 technological innovations never seen before.