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Sector Chocolate
Media Direct
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia OgilvyOne London
Executive Creative Director Emma De La Fosse, Charlie Wilson
Creative Director Graham Jenks, James Nester
Producer Janet Berry
Publicado noviembre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: BEYOND DARK
Category: Best Launch or Re-launch
Advertising campaign: MEASURE OF PLEASURE
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Wilson (OgilvyOne)
Copywriter: James Nester (OgilvyOne)
Art Director: Graham Jenks (OgilvyOne)
Creative Director: James Nester (OgilvyOne)
PR Manager: Laura Bruce (Ogilvy PR)
EEG Technologist: Tre Azam (MyndPlay)
Video Director: Chris Skarrett (Silversun Media Group)
Executive Creative Director: Emma de la Fosse (OgilvyOne)
Director/Innovative Solutions: Nicole Yershon (OgilvyOne)
PR Director: Blair Metcalfe (Ogilvy PR)
PR Director: Ceri Bevan (Ogilvy PR)
Creative Director: Graham Jenks (OgilvyOne)
Producer: Janet Berry (OgilvyOne)

Without the luxury of a big marketing budget, Beyond Dark needed establish its own distinct brand territory in a way that would capture the public’s imagination and stand out from all their rivals.

Client Brief Or Objective
Beyond Dark aimed to make their little drops famous for ‘pleasure’. It’s the very reason most of us eat chocolate, yet no other brand had taken this territory. Of course, many brands try to ‘own’ emotions, so the challenge was to do it in a credible and newsworthy way that would resonate with consumers. The news would need to appeal to ‘chocolate lovers’. Research shows 85% of purchases in this sector are made by females, 35 to 55. And the campaign’s success would be measured by sales uplift and online buzz.

Beyond Dark knew its chocolate tasted great so it embarked on a mission: to create the first ever scale for measuring pleasure. The team would set out to prove the brand’s pleasure credentials in a scientific and engaging way; measuring some of life’s most recognisable pleasures – and of course rival brands – against drops of Beyond Dark chocolate. Using scientific experiments, online channels and traditional media, Beyond Dark would create the world’s first ‘Measure of Pleasure’, harnessing a mix of compelling science and emotive content to inspire consumers. Keeping the product’s unique ‘drop’ format at the core of the campaign, Beyond Dark would develop what philosophers had proposed for centuries - a scale for measuring pleasure. If we could successfully create one, it would be big news.

Beyond Dark teamed with scientists from Birkbeck University and Myndplay, an ‘EEG’ (electroencephalogram) technology provider, to conduct a mass-participation pleasure experiment. To support our ‘Measure of Pleasure’, a website ( was created and the Beyond Dark twitter feed was taken-over (@beyonddarkdrops) to engage journalists, influencers and consumers – inviting participation in ground-breaking research. 100 volunteers (including bloggers and journalists) were assembled and fitted with the latest ‘EEG’ headsets, calibrated to measure brainwaves against a specially commissioned pleasure algorithm. Participants took tests, from blowing bubbles to stroking kittens – all measured on a scale against a single drop of Beyond Dark. Participants were provided with tools to share their experiences and results were released in a documentary and news releases on ‘Blue Monday’, officially the nation’s most depressing day. Targeting national, trade, broadcast and online influencers we could scientifically prove emotional brand claims, for the very first time.

The first ever pleasure scale made national news, with consumers, foodies, scientists and marketeers sharing and discussing Beyond Dark’s ground-breaking experiment. Sales immediately surged 50% on the day of the news.Within a month, coverage reached 142,000,000+ views across TV, national, regional, trade and online publications. Industry commentators heralded ‘the Measure of Pleasure’ as the future of marketing. While Beyond Dark’s Twitter following soared from only 145 to over 7,000 in one month. Over 2,000 website linked to the campaign site propelling Beyond Dark from page 22 to the top of page 1 of UK search rankings for ‘dark chocolate’.All the publicity persuaded Sainsbury, one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, to double their distribution and take on two new flavours. Several new distributors also took on the brand, including WH Smith, Harrods and 850 independents. After two months sales had risen 327% – a figure that continues to climb.

Campaign Description
Newcomer brand Beyond Dark wanted a bigger bite of the UK’s dark chocolate market; a category dominated by established brands, all with different and very distinct offerings: Green & Blacks (Organic), Divine (Fairtrade), and Lindt (Craftsmanship).