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Sector Cerveza
Media Direct
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Africa Sao Paulo
Creative Director Paulo Coelho Santos, Arício Fortes, Waldemar França E Diego Limberti
Art Director André Marques, Thiago Dias
Copywriter Leandro Neves
Publicado marzo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: AMBEV
Agency: AFRICA
Category: Special Build
Advertising campaign: THE DREAM REMOTE
Creative Director : Aricio Fortes (Africa )
Projects Creative Director/Copywriter: Evandro Soares (Africa)
Client Services Team: Ana Carolina Boccia (Africa)
Client Services Team: Marcio Santoro (Africa)
Print Production Team: Edson Harada (Africa)
Creative Director: Paulo Coelho (Africa)
Creative Director: Waldemar Franca (Africa)
Development: Yes Mobile Media Team (Yes Mobile)
Media Team: Rodrigo Famelli (Africa)
Art Director: Andre Marques (Africa)
Print Production Team: Carla Lustosa (Africa)
Creative Director/Copywriter: Carlos Fonseca (Africa)
Copywriter: Leandro Neves (Africa)
Media Team: Luiz Fernando Vieira (Africa)
Projects Manager: Marcos Valeta (Africa)
Chief Creative Officer/Creative Director/Art Director: Sergio Gordilho (Africa)
Planning Director: Ana Cortat (Africa)
Client Services Team: Marcelo Passos (Africa)
Art Director: Thiago Dias (Africa)

For all Brazilians, drinking a cold beer and watching sports on TV is sacred. But when women have the remote control, men can’t watch sports on TV. So Brahma joined up with the ESPN sports channel and created The Dream Remote, a can holder with a remote control. A partnership that brought together two of Brazil's biggest passions in an exclusive product, that thousands of customers brought home. The can holder was distributed in promotional packs at points of sale.

The partnership between Brazil’s best-selling beer and the most popular sports channel in the world resulted in the creation of a new product that added value for both brands. For Brahma, it meant more people drinking its beer in bars and restaurants and more packs sold at stores. For ESPN it meant more audience. For both, it created identification with the brand and brought them closer to their core demographic: men.

Client Brief Or Objective
Brahma is Brazil’s best selling beer and is known around the country as the soccer beer. The goal of this direct marketing project was to bring the brand even closer to sports lovers and guarantee new consumers amongst Brazilian men.

The creative execution was relevant to the brand because it was a unique partnership that went much further than traditional advertising relationships. Together, Brahma and ESPN launched a new product.