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Nutritive balance

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Sector Zumo
Media Direct
Mercado Brasil
Agencia WMcCann Brazil
Chief Creative Officer Washington Olivetto
Creative Director Nicolas Romano
Creative Pedro Chaves, Gabriel Gil
Publicado julio 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Media: Direct
Agency: WMcCann
Client: Coca-Cola
Product: Del Valle
Name of the Campaign: Nutritive Balance
CCO: Washington Olivetto
Creative Direction: Nicolás Romanó
Creation: Gabriel Gil & Pedro Chaves
Executive VP: Marcio Borges
Planning: Luiza Portella, Rafael Araújo & Gabriela Kubik
Client service: Fabricio Aurichio & Bruna Paraizo
Media planning: André Simões, Elton Baesso, Caroline Gayo, Renata Duarte, Lorena Dias, Ione
Ribeiro & Regis Rebello
Social Media: Mutato Production VP: Marcelo Hack
RTVC: Juliana Lutterbach, Ana Bandarra & Ana Borges
Director: HuFa
Photography Director: Guti Sá Freire
Attendance: Juliana Hashimoto
Post production: Great
Sound Production: 4'33"
Digital Production: Paulo Pacheco
Technology Producer: Brandlabs
Projects: Jaqueline Travaglin & Erika Casal
Customer approval: Daniel Dranger, Flavio Reghini & Andreia Souza
Del Valle and WMcCann Surprised Customers at Supermarket
by Transforming Label Printing Scale into a New Medium
After weighing their fruits, consumers received from the scale a special label entitling them to a free Del Valle 100%
Rio du Janeiro, July 6th, 2017. The consumer's growing interest in a healthier nutrition makes them buy fruits at the supermarket to prepare natural juices at home. On the other hand, due to a daily busy routine, it is hard to find time to squeeze fruits. Having this in mind, Del Valle promoted a special activation at Deli Delícia supermarket chain, in order to show a much more practical way to drink a 100% fruit, nutritious and tasty juice.
Consumers who visited the supermarket on the 6th and 7th of June had a surprise after weighing their fruits. A scale that has been specially developed for the activation printed an exclusive label for those buying oranges or apples, entitling the customers to a free bottle of Del Valle 100% in order for them to try the product.
On the label, consumers found a message highlighting that Del Valle 100% is rich in fibers and vitamin C, just like in natural fruit. And with the new PET packaging, it is perfect to be consumed anywhere.