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Kobes Rules Book [video]

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Sector TV/Radio Programas
Media Direct, Design & Branding
Mercado Brasil
Agencia Africa Sao Paulo
Chief Creative Officer Sérgio Gordilho
Creative Director Matías Menéndez, Nicolás Ferrario
Art Director Alexandre Kazuo, Pedro Gabbay
Copywriter Mateus Coelho, Lucas Ribeiro
Agencia de production Delicatessen Filmes
Director Santi Dulce
Publicado marzo 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Design Communication Design: Promotional Item Design Bronze Lion
Design Use of Design Craft: Typography: Print & Editorial Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Africa
Media: DM
Brand: Espn
Country: Brazil
Advertising Agency: Africa, São Paulo
Entrant Company: Africa, São Paulo
Media Agency: Africa, São Paulo
Pr Agency: Africa, São Paulo
Production Company: Delicatessen Filmes, São Paulo
Additional Company: Delicatessen Filmes, São Paulo
Design Agency: Delicatessen Filmes, São Paulo
Production Company: Delicatessen Filmes (Delicatessen Filmes)
Creative Director: Matias Menendez (Africa)
Agency Producer: Rodrigo Ferrari (Africa)
Sound Design: Big Foote (Big Foote)
Client Services Team: Marcio Santoro (Africa)
Art Director: Alexandre Kazuo (Africa)
Post Producer: Fezao Barbieri (Delicatessen Filmes)
Copywriter: Mateus Coelho (Africa)
Executive Producer: Mayra Gama (Delicatessen Filmes)
Client Services Team: Rosi Ferreira (Africa)
Agency Producer: Stella Gafo (Africa)
Project Manager: Guilherme De Oliveira (Africa)
Client Services Team: Juliana Araujo (Africa)
Client Services Team: Lucas Fajardo (Africa)
Director: Santi Dulce (Delicatessen Filmes)
Director Of Photography: Felipe Hermini (Delicatessen Filmes)
Copywriter: Lucas Ribeiro (Africa)
Media Vice President: Luiz Fernando Vieira (Africa)
Creative Director: Nicolas Ferrario (Africa)
Cco: Sergio Gordilho (Africa)
Creative Vice President: Alvaro Rodrigues (Africa)
Editing: Patricia Junqueira (Delicatessen Filmes)
Project Producer: Rafael Coelho (Africa)
Art Director: Pedro Gabbay (Africa)
With Kobe’s Rules Book, we reached amazing results: we paid homage to the Black Mamba, produced content that was shared by opinion makers all over the country, communicated that ESPN is an engaged sports brand and that it is always up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of basketball, and established a clear connection between ESPN and NBA and between ESPN and sports’ fans in Brazil.More than that, we created an object of desire for basketball fans and admirers of Kobe Bryant’s career. After sending the first copy to Kobe, we delivered the 23 others books to NBA lovers.This fact became news in the press, social networks and we received daily requests for an exclusive copy of the book from eager fans.
To talk about a man who didn’t play by the book, we used NBA’s Rules Book to create a present like no other: Kobe’s Rules Book.The idea of creating a new meaning to an existing book contributed to making the homage’s concept even stronger.The book had a specific addressee: Kobe Bryant. But ESPN wanted to reach a bigger audience: basketball fans, communicating the connection between NBA and the sports channel.Even though it was a limited edition of 24 copies, the book managed to go beyond its physical support. That was made possible with all the buzz generated about the book, from the promotion in social networks and during ESPN’s features on TV to the relationship with the press, including a film shot exclusively for the occasion, showing the making of the book.
Everything evolves around NBA’s Rules Book and its pages of score, fouls, court’s dimensions and game’s duration. These subjects were the inspiration for 12 artists that did interventions in each part of the original material, including the cover.Each intervention talked about a specific theme, based on the research of Kobe Bryant’s life and career.Several different techniques were used to develop Kobe’s Rules Book, such as:- Illustration,- Painting,- Sewing,- Calligraphy,- Collage,- Linoleum engraving,- Typography using bandages, - and even a stencil with ink only visible in the dark. The development process originated an online film and several communication pieces, which spread ESPN’S homage throughout the shows and social networks and turned the material viral.
Kobe Bryant had retired, he who was one of the greatest basketball players of all times. And ESPN, official broadcaster of NBA, needed to pay special homage to this sports icon.Lots of big brands were talking about the subject and we needed a unique approach, one that could draw the public’s attention and show ESPN’s personality.The challenge was to create an action capable of impacting not only Kobe Bryant but also his fans in Brazil.
Campaign Description:
Kobe Bryant went beyond what is usually expected from a basketball player. He challenged limits, overcame records and re-wrote the history of the sport.To pay homage to Kobe Bryant, we turned NBA’s Rules Book into Kobe’s Rules Book. To do that, we did a retrospective of his entire career, from the origin of his name to his score in his last game. Then, we gathered a team of 12 artists to make interventions in each of NBA’s Rules Book’s pages, according to the theme of that particular part. For each page, an intervention, using illustrations, typography, sewing, ink that glows in the dark, and even bandages. We produced only 24 books, the same jersey number Kobe had until the end of his career. 23 to NBA lovers. 1 to Kobe.