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Sector Tiendas al por menor y Alquiler
Media Direct
Mercado Israel
Agencia Y&R Tel Aviv
Art Director Einat Dotan
Copywriter Royi Rokah
Publicado mayo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: DELEK
Agency: Y&R ISRAEL
Category: Best Low Budget Campaign
Head Of Art: Lena Feldman (Y&R Israel)
Art Director: Einat Dotan (Y&R Israel)
Interactive Creative Director: Eyal Carmi (Y&R Israel)
Account Manager: Michal Kalish (Y&R Israel)
Account Manager: Gadi Margulian (Y&R Israel)
Creatives: Oren Yekotihel (Y&R Israel)
Creatives: Ofri Aizenberg (Y&R Israel)
Copywriter: Royi Rokah (Y&R Israel)
Creatives: Guy Sebbag (Y&R Israel)
Creatives: Noam Beeri (Y&R Israel)

Whoever searched for paintball, received a menta ad, offering washing powder. If you searched for real estate for example, Google offered you camping equipment instead. If you searched for anything related to fishing, menta offered you a tuna sandwich. Searching for Paris…? Voila! An ad offering French croissants so you can feel closer to Paris. Overall we used hundreds of different search words.After clicking on the Google ad, users landed in a designated minisite that included coupons to selected products. More than 200,000 users visited the minisite and thousands of coupons were downloaded.

We all know that with every Google search, we receive customized ads related to the search. So we used this feature in order to promote Menta emphasizing the variety of products and services that Menta offers, with a little twist.

We searched for the right place to do it, And well… we found it at the place where you search for everything… Google!

Client Brief Or Objective
The brief was to advertise 'Menta', a national size convenience chain store that offers you anything you need.