Cepas Argentinas Direct DIALOGUIZER Don


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Sector Vino
Media Direct
Mercado Argentina
Agencia Don
Director Turbo Trueno
Executive Creative Director Gonzalo Ricca
Art Director Papon Ricciarelli, Ariel Chiesa
Copywriter Damian Potenie
Publicado diciembre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: DON
Category: Special Build
Advertising campaign: DIALOGUIZER
Music And Sound Desing: Camilo Lezzi (C.C.C.I.)
Agency Producer: Carlos Pelu Cavaciocchi (DON)
Copywriter: Gonzalo Ricca (DON)
Agency Producer: Agustina Marquez (DON)
Copywriter: Damian Potenie (DON)
General Coordinator: Mariano Ricciarelli (DON)
Director: Turbo Trueno (Turbo Trueno)
Executive Creative Director: Gonzalo Ricca (DON)
Art Director: Papon Ricciarelli (DON)
Chief Creative Officer: Papon Ricciarelli (DON)
Art Director: Ariel Chiesa (DON)
Account Manager: Carlona Bertrand (DON)
Productor: Joha Trosman (Turbo Trueno)

Client Brief Or Objective
Omnium wines, a wine for young people, wanted get in contact with consumers through an innovative activation idea at points of sales.

Consumers were able to download the app through the qr codes located in table tents, and to start using the dialoguizer during dates with ladies.Each time an uncomfortable silence appeared the dialoguizer was activated offering practical solutions to bring up a conversation.

Consumers had more topics talk about during dates.There are more relationships that work because they were able to survive uncomfortable silences.

The Omnium Dialoguizer.Omniun wines developed the first detector of uncomfortable silences, a mobile app activated by qr codes in bars and restaurants, which is more than a simple app, it’s a lethal weapon against lack of dialogue.