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Sector Eventos
Media Direct
Mercado Suiza
Agencia Euro Rscg Zurich
Executive Creative Director Frank Bodin
Creative Director Alexander Holtz
Art Director Christina Wellnhofer
Copywriter Wolfgang Bark
Publicado septiembre 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
Product/Service: EVENT
Executive Creative Director: Frank Bodin (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Creative Director: Alexander Holtz (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Copywriter: Wolfgang Bark (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Art Director: Christina Wellnhofer (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Graphic Designer: Dominique Magnusson (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Graphic Designer: Katie Salmon (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Account Manager: Nathalie Jakober (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Account Manager: Desiree Guzmann (Euro RSCG Zurich)
Media placement: Mailings To A List Politicans - Mailing - 01.09.2011
Media placement: Facebook/Twitter - Internet - 01.09.2011

Describe the brief/objective of the direct campaign.
Politicians make numerous every day ecisions that have an influence especially on the future of the world`s youth. The world’s youth do not always agree with all of them. They are afraid that they have to suffer from those decisions in the future.
With the project ‘Time Change Mind Change’ One Young World wanted to give youth worldwide the chance to say what makes them worry. And which decisions politicians should rethink to make the world in the future a better place for themselves and the upcoming generations.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective with reference to the projected response rates and desired outcome.
We made good use of a simple calendar event: the change to winter time when clocks are turned back by 1 hour.
We wanted politicians to use the extra hour sensibly: for rethinking their decisions.
What decisions? The youth themselves could tell the politicians directly on our Facebook page, via Twitter and our website.
Comments from all over the world for Obama & Co. were posted on our Facebook page.
Then, we printed out the whole Facebook page as a 39 foot long letter with all comments. And exactly on that time change day, the world`s mightiest received that letter, in order to give them food for thought in that extra hour.

Explain why the creative execution was relevant to the product or service.
One Young World is the forum of global youth on the vanguard of forward thinking.
Once a year it brings a selected group of young people together, trying to find solutions for the most urgent problems in the world. Those solutions are presented to companies and politicians worldwide.
But forward thinking can also mean that you have to make people rethink what they have already decided. To get the big picture what youth worldwide has on its mind, we created this social media campaign – linked to this special calendar event.

Describe the results in as much detail as possible with particular reference to the RESPONSE of the target audience including deliverability statistics, response rates, click throughs, sales cost per response, relationships built and overall return on investment.
Young people from over 80 countries worldwide posted on our Facebook page which decisions the leaders of the world should rethink. We had over 200,000 clicks within 2 months.
Newspapers worldwide reported on Time Change, Mind Change and 1 whole 30-minute long Talk Show that focused only on our project was aired.
First political leaders such as Australia’s Premier Julia Gillard and Norway’s Crown Prince and Princess are followers on Twitter.
Swiss Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey is still with pen and paper. She answered our initiative in a letter.