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Sector Coches
Media Direct
Mercado España
Agencia Proximity Barcelona
Executive Creative Director Eva Santos
Creative Director Ferran Lafuente, Alba Vence
Art Director Quim Español
Copywriter Jordi Iglesias, Laura Cuni
Producer Sigfrid Mariné
Publicado diciembre 2012

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Acquisitions
Creative Director: Alba Vence (CP Proximity)
Account Executive: Aida Mateo (CP Proximity)
Account Director: Bea Colorado (CP Proximity)
Copywriter: Jordi Iglesias (CP Proximity)
Community Manager: Marina Robledo (CP Proximity)
Executive Creative Director: Eva Santos (CP Proximity)
Art Director: Quim Español (CP Proximity)
Technical Developer: Ruben Mejias (CP Proximity)
Audivisual Producer: Toby Weston (Celofán Audiovisual)
Technical Developer: Gerard Albanell (CP Proximity)
Creative Director: Ferran Lafuente (CP Proximity)
Copywriter: Laura Cuni (CP Proximity)
Producer: Sigfrid Mariné (CP Proximity)

Skoda is not a well-known brand in Spain. It needs noteworthy actions to position itself as a distinctive car make: honest and social. Skoda Change My Car, during three months of casting, gathered and broadcast all sort of real stories of clapped-out cars, any model and any brand –even Skoda’s.No censorship.Besides, the winner, a Talbot-owner, witnessed on live primetime television the destruction of his car and its replacement ('Change my car') with a Skoda Yeti. And his story was also turned into a documentary, which was subsequently shown on TV.

ŠKODA Change my CarŠKODA swaps your old car for a new one.We decided to organise a rather original casting, an exercise aimed at finding the most clapped-out car in Spain. The casting to find the worst car in Spain.In order to destroy it in a TV Show and change it for a new ŠKODA Yeti Fresh.In line with the way other casting sessions are run we asked the public to upload creative videos and/or photos of their old cars and tell us why they deserved to win. The goal: get the highest number of 'don’t likes'

More than 9,000 prospects in replacement phase captured, which over the course of the campaign generated 738 Škoda Yeti sales. In other words, an increase of 89% in the sales of the model in a context in which the market fell -1.1%.• Showroom traffic increased by 41%• 1,000 candidates• 250,000 visits to the site and more than 42,000 'don’t likes'• An increase of 1,000% in the number of Škoda España’s Facebook fans

Client Brief Or Objective
The Spanish market is going through a period in which cars on the road are getting significantly older. The economic crisis has polarised the market: now the only cars being bought are either luxury purchases or purchases driven by a genuine need to change the vehicle. ŠKODA, one of the best value-for-money make, has customers belonging to the ‘buying out of necessity’ category, but low brand-awareness prevents it from appearing on some purchasers’ shortlists.Aim: To identify people in the situation of having to buy a new vehicle out of necessity and to succeed in adding Skoda to their shortlists.