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Sector Gobiernos y otras autoridades
Media Direct
Mercado Suecia
Agencia DDB Stockholm
Creative Director Magnus Jakobsson, Fredrik Simonsson
Art Director Daniel Mencak
Copywriter Martin Lundgren
Producer Gustav Appelgren
Print Production Manager Anna Hellenberg
Publicado marzo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
Advertising campaign: FROM A DIFFERENT REALITY
Retoucher: Christian Björnerhag (DDB Stockholm)
Digital Producer: Elisabet Halming (DDB Stockholm)
Creative Director: Magnus Jakobsson (DDB Stockholm)
Business Director: Peter Kamstedt (DDB Stockholm)
Business Director: Jesper Ander (DDB Stockholm)
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren (DDB Stockholm)
Account Manager: Tina Munck (DDB Stockholm)
Executive Producer: Carl Linder
Producer: Gustav Appelgren
Web Designer: Robin Karlsson (DDB Stockholm)
Planner: Adam Sandahl (DDB Stockholm)
Print Production Manager: Anna Hellenberg (DDB Stockholm)
Planner: Cornelia Wangel (DDB Stockholm)
Art Director: Daniel Mencák (DDB Stockholm)
Creative Director: Fredrik Simonsson (DDB Stockholm)
DOP: Hannes Isaksson
Graphic Designer: Leif Blondell (DDB Stockholm)

Joining the SAF is a big transition for anyone. If you’ve grown up in the suburbs the contrast is even greater. The aim was to awaken curiosity to this unknown reality by applying actual dirt on the envelope. We used the dirty envelope as a trigger and let the letter itself carry a story – a film of how the letter ended up at you doorstep. You got access to the film by a QR-code on the envelope. The story showed the journey of the letter through the totally different reality of the SAF to your reality in the suburbs.

Client Brief Or Objective
The Swedish Armed Forces has a big challenge in recruiting people with a different cultural background than native Swedish. The SAF formed a special preparatory course with the intention to let them try out the life as a soldier and the quite exceptional work environment that comes with it. As the target audience came from several different cultural backgrounds the starting point for the recruitment campaign was the only common denominator they had – a non-existent relationship with the SAF and their mission, and that the world of the SAF was a totally different reality from their own.

No results of the campaign were measured because of its short campaign period and specific application process.

There is a desire within the target audience about breaking up and getting beyond the life and the environment they live in. By providing this preparatory course the SAF gives people the chance to gain valuable life experiences, no matter what career you choose later in life. By starting from the target audiences only common denominator and appeal to their curiosity we got their attention. By combining interactivity with traditional direct mail the letter managed to carry two stories, one about the preparatory course and one who revealed the totally different reality of the SAF.