Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) Direct WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DDB Stockholm


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Sector Gobiernos y otras autoridades
Media Direct
Mercado Suecia
Agencia DDB Stockholm
Director Mikael Marcimain
Creative Director Magnus Jakobsson, Fredrik Simonsson
Art Director Lisa Granberg, Daniel Mencak
Copywriter Martin Lundgren
Producer Lia Eliasson
Print Production Manager Anna Hellenberg
Publicado febrero 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Direct response broadcast: TV, radio & infomercials
Advertising campaign: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Planner: Cornelia Wangel (DDB Stockholm)
Art Director: Daniel Mencák (DDB Stockholm)
Retoucher: Christian Björnerhag (DDB Stockholm)
Art Director: Lisa Granberg (DDB Stockholm)
Creative Director: Magnus Jakobsson (DDB Stockholm)
Director: Mikael Marcimain
Business Director: Peter Kamstedt (DDB Stockholm)
Graphic Designer: Johanna Lundblad (DDB Stockholm)
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren (DDB Stockholm)
Executive Producer Film: Mattias Coldén (DDB Film)
Account Director: Sandra Kaludjercic Bergman (DDB Stockholm)
Developer: Alexander Ekman (DDB Stockholm)
Print Production Manager: Anna Hellenberg (DDB Stockholm)
Creative Director: Fredrik Simonsson (DDB Stockholm)
Producer: Lia Eliasson (B-Reel)
Digital Director: Petter Eriksson (DDB Stockholm)
Account Manager: Tina Munck (DDB Stockholm)
Digital Producer: Elisabet Halming (DDB Stockholm)
Graphic Designer: Leif Blondell (DDB Stockholm)

The target for this campaign was 12,660 applications to 2,110 positions. The campaign resulted in 15,415 applications thus exceeded the target by 22%. According to campaign tracking preformed by the media agency the campaign stood out in a positive way and measured way above benchmark. It reached an observation of 100% within the youngest part of our target audience and 85% of everyone aged 15-75 years mentioned that they had observed the campaign. On top of that, the campaign divided Sweden and spurred a wild debate on editorial pages, blogs and radio shows on what's important and not.

Client Brief Or Objective
The Swedish Armed Forces need to recruit a large number of young people through a basic military course. The target audience consists of people who’ve already shown interest in the SAF and those who basically don’t have any knowledge of their purpose at all. Because of this we can’t just talk about the SAF mission, we need to meet the target audience in a relevant context and appeal to their characteristics. In this integrated campaign we want to get people to reflect on what things they spend their time on. What is important, really?

By illustrating a number of meaningless phenomena of today the SAF put their own operations in perspective. For the ones who long for a higher purpose in life than instagramming what they eat, watching animated GIFs or playing Wordfeud – an employment with the SAF is a chance to make a difference, for real. To the ones who keep spending their time on meaningless activities we want to say: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? By meeting the target audience in their context and start a conversation about what’s important we could show the SAF as an attractive employer.

The solution was to go head to head with the meaningless time spending phenomena of today. Part of the integrated campaign was targeted messages to people spending time on 'meaningless' activities, like Wordfeud or animated GIF watching and were all signed off with the question 'What are you doing?' The integrated campaign ran through all traditional bought media channels, but the provocative message set the campaign off in earned media in a way few others in Sweden have done. It even caused a debate on what’s important and what’s not in the editorial pages in Sweden’s biggest newspapers.