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Sector Impresoras y escáneres
Media Direct
Mercado República Checa
Agencia OgilvyOne Prague
Art Director Radek Sloup
Copywriter Petr Roth
Designer Tomas Neubauer
Producer Jiri Kryl, Josef Stolin
Publicado agosto 2011

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Best Low Budget Campaign
Advertiser: XEROX
Product/Service: PRINTERS
Art Director: Radek Sloup (OgilvyOne)
Copywriter: Petr Roth (OgilvyOne)
Managing Director: Rene Brectan (RMG:Connect)
Account Manager: Katerina Svecova (RMG:Connect)
Account Manager: Olga Blechova (RMG:Connect)
Producer: Jiri Kryl
Producer: Josef Stolin (OgilvyAction)
Public Relations Manager: Veronika Soufkova (OgilvyPR)
Designer: Tomas Neubauer (OgilvyOne)
Web Designer: Pavla Ruben-Leyland (OgilvyOne)
Social Media Specialist: Jan Perla (OgilvyInteractive)
Media placement: 2 Waves Of Direct Mail - Customers - 30. 9. 2011
Media placement: Painting Happening - Old Town Square - 5. 10. 2011
Media placement: Paintings Exhibition - Prague Congress Centre - 9. 10. 2011
Media placement: Charity Auction - Prague Congress Centre - 23. 10. 2011

Describe the brief/objective of the direct campaign.
A direct mail campaign targeted at medium-sized and large firms, intended to arouse their interest in the possibility of new colour printing, and to prepare the ground for personal visits of Xerox salesmen, to hundreds of these potential clients. Our budget for the campaign was a mere €20,000.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective with reference to the projected response rates and desired outcome.

How do you demonstrate the benefits of Xerox colour printers? By showing the world without colours. Our original idea was to send firms the original of a Black-and-white picture. But where to get them? So, we created the Artis Pictus project, 'sponsored' by Xerox:
- a BW painting competition for Czech art schools
- well-known personalities from the Czech art scene became involved and their paintings were auctioned to help the blind - it created strong media coverage
- potential customers were informed by several DM of Artis Pictus project and finally they received one of the competition BW paintings.

Explain why the creative execution was relevant to the product or service.

It clearly showed the difference and feeling between BW and colour printing. All our communication to potential customers was printed by Xerox ColorQube printers and it contained both information about the project and about the product. We prepared a 4-phase communication plan for customers instead of one direct mail (which Xerox originally wanted). And our Artis Pictus project brought strong media and public awareness, which is almost impossible to achieve with an ordinary DM campaign.

Describe the results in as much detail as possible with particular reference to the RESPONSE of the target audience including deliverability statistics, response rates, click throughs, sales cost per response, relationships built and overall return on investment.
We created free media coverage of the value of €115,000.
We helped raise €16,500 for blind charities.
We improved the Xerox company image as innovators and as a public responsible company.
We prepared the ground for personal visits by Xerox salesmen to 378 potential clients.
We were able to execute this project for €22,000, even the normal costs for a campaign of this dimension would cost in at about 145,000.
So successful and impactful was the first campaign, that we are now working on the 2nd year of Artis Pictus