League of Legends Making of The Light Within

The Light Within

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Media Making of
Mercado Francia
Agencia de production Troublemakers.tv
Publicado diciembre 2016

Creditos y descripciones

Client: Riot Games
Game: League of Legends
Production Company: TROUBLEMAKERS.tv
Director: TRIZZ / Oriol Puig
Executive Producer: James Hagger
Production Coordinator: Felipe Bernard
Production Assistant: Rebecca Oxland-Isles
Production Assistant: Emma Perrin
Production Studio: TRIZZ
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art Direction: Alex Martin, Oriol Puig
Original Idea/Script: Oriol Puig / Riot Team
Storyboard: Allan Rabello
Lighting And Rendering: Alex Martìn
Oriol Mayolos (Eye Landscape Sequence,
Orb Shatter, Final Fire Orb)
Javier Esteban (Light Orb and Fire Orb)
VFX Supervisor: Oriol Mayolas
Shoot Drone operator/3D scanning: Oriol Puig
Shoot Drone operator/3D scanning: Oriol Mayolas
3D Scanning-Processing: Oriol Mayolas
3D Scanning-Processing: Ariadna Ollé
Head of Production: Albert Garcìa Vila
Producer: Lucy Garcìa
Additional Art Direction & Research: Laura Ibañez
Head of Animation: Hugo García
Animators: Hugo García, Ferran Casas
3D Assistant: Ariadna Ollé
Editing/Color Correction: Oriol Puig
Compositing: Oriol Puig
2D Retouch: Mikel Gomez
Effects: Deko (Ray Effects), Alex Martin (Abstract Sequence and Particles), Yigit Acik (Destruction
and Fire Effects), Oriol Mayolas (Particles), Javier Esteban (Additional Effects and Particles)
Texture: Alex Martin, Oriol Mayolas, Alvaro Hucha, Juan Jose Palomo (BLR VFX)
Texture Photography: Oriol Mayolas
Modelling: Abner Marìn, Oriol Mayolas, Alvaro Hucha, Ariadna Ollé, Luis Gomez Guzman,
Oscar Gonzalez, Albert Pintor
Rigging: Minimo VFX, Maurizio Giglioli, Felix Balbas
Cloth Animation: Alex Martìn, Hugo Garcìa, Joan Buhigas
Hair Modelling: Yoonjong Song, Andrew Krivulya

This new film for Riot Games’ League of Legends directed by Trizz (Oriol Puig) in collaboration with production company TROUBLEMAKERS.tv weaves together live action elements and highly detailed CG animation to showcase the character of lone warrior queen Elementalist Lux.