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Lexus LS: Chain (Behind the Scenes)

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Publicado enero 2011

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Why attempt something never done before? See how Lexus takes the hard way with the behind-the-scenes mini-documentary for the Chain commercial.

Sometimes, doing things the hard way is the only way. This Sunday, Lexus will debut a new broadcast spot as part of its “The Hard Way” brand advertising campaign. The campaign focuses on the engineering and manufacturing techniques the automaker employs that may be more difficult, but allows them to engineer a vehicle that inspires absolute confidence.

It the spot titled, “Chain,” a lone crane slowly lifts the front end of a Lexus LS, then a second vehicle is attached using cables and stretch bars, then another, and another and finally, a fifth Lexus vehicle is suspended in mid air from the crane using no support other than the strength of the LS. The gravity defying spot was created without the use of special effects or camera tricks. The vehicles really were suspended in mid air, not once or twice, but several times for three days straight!

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