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Axe One Song Stand

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Sector Deodorants (en)
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Turquía
Agencia Manajans / J. Walter Thompson Istanbul
Creative Director Sami Basut
Art Director Rahim Masunu
Senior Art Director Tunchan Kalkan
Publicado abril 2016


Eurobest Awards 2016
Entertainment Music: Use Of Music Streaming Platform/video Hosting Service/app Bronze Eurobest

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Manajans/j. Walter Thompson Istanbul, Turkey
Client: Unilever / Turkey
Product: Body Spray Deodorant
Entrant: Manajans/J. Walter Thompson Istanbul, Turkey
Title: Axe One Song Stand
Product/Service: Body Spray Deodorant
Idea Creation: Manajans/J. Walter Thompson Istanbul, Turkey
Media Placement: Mindshare Istanbul, Turkey
Production: Vana Film Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Sami Basut (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Sr. Copywriter: Sanli Kayabolen (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Sr. Art Director: Tunchan Kalkan (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Art Director: Rahim Masunu (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Copywriter: Burc Sabuncu (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Client Services Director: Leslie Krespin (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Account Director: Ece Ozyurt (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Account Supervisor: Nuran Rona (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Account Supervisor: Setenay Ergin (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Interactive Communication Director: Emre Suvari (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Digital Project Manager: Gokhan Akinci (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Agency Production Head: Safak Serter (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Agency Producer: Ahmet Bayik (Manajans J. Walter Thompson Turkey)
Website URL:
The Campaign
You can outlie surveys but you can’t fake what you are listening to on spotify. That was our big chance to make data work for our objective. To clear out the jungle of potential dates and focus only on the ones that share the same musical taste. That was possible through the innovation, the spontainety of the match. You didn’t know a friend. Or a friend of a friend. It was based on pure serendipity. Just like in real life. Listen – Match - Mate A dating site, that hooks you up with someone listening to the same song.
Creative Execution
The developing stage lasted 6 months. Supported via banners and tutorial videos on internet mediums. We used Spotify as a platform to better reach our target audience. First you log in with your spotify account, then choose the gender to match with. If the corresponding genders listen to the same song, we match the datas from Spotify and make the match between people.
From our target audience, 685.000 people engaged with the site in less than a week. The total chat time is 417.295 minutes corresponding to 289 days. Instead of listening directly from Spotify, our target audience chose to search and listen to their songs, so that they could catch two birds with a stone. Listen to music and mate. For every 2 people in the site, 1 match. Once guys learned about it, the idea of being matched by their music taste differentiated the app from all others and made it talk of the town. ‘AXE is a cool & trendy brand’ attribute increased for the first time since Q4 2014. Just during the month of April, when was launched, AXE increased its market share by 120 bps, reaching its highest market share since June 2015.
This is a branded entertainment tool that turns listening to music into a dating and mating game.
The studies show “Men are more attracted to women sharing the similar music tastes”. It also is the case in our lives. We use music as an icebreaker, or something to make conversation about. Music is the ultimate wingman that triggers dopamine production. We made good use of this dopamine and diverted it to a date. The pickup places are mostly music oriented. (night-outs, festivals) Dating apps and sites have become the area for mating game in the past years. Music platform is a relevant medium for the target audience (20-35 males) Fusing mating game with a musical experience is a new approach in this area.