The Nations Bike Leo Burnett Mumbai para Bajaj Electricals

The Nations Bike

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Sector Motos
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado India
Agencia Leo Burnett Mumbai
Executive Creative Director Prajato Guha Thakurta, Sachin Kamble
Creative Director Kevin Lobo, Vikrant Yadav
Art Director Vikrant Wadkar, Deepak Jage
Copywriter Vivek Unnikrishnan, Ashish Sharma, Sriram Iyer
Agencia de production Keroscene Films
Publicado enero 2016


Cannes Lions 2017
Creative Effectiveness Creative Effectiveness: Creative Marketing Effectiveness Gold Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Title: Bajaj V
Agency: Leo Burnett India
Client: Bajaj Automobiles
Country: India
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett India, Mumbai
Entrant Company: Leo Burnett India, Mumbai
Media Agency: Leo Burnett India, Mumbai
Pr Agency: Leo Burnett India, Mumbai
Production Company: Leo Burnett India, Mumbai
National Planning Head: Rajeev Sharma (Leo Burnett India)
Vice President: Sanju Menon (Leo Burnett India)
Executive Producer: Shouvik Basu (10 Films)
Brand Associate: Varsha Roy (Leo Burnett India)
Creative Director: Kevin Lobo (Leo Burnett India)
Chief Creative Officer: Rajdeepak Das (Leo Burnett India)
Chief Executive Officer: Saurabh Verma (Leo Burnett India)
Creative Director: Vikrant Yadav (Leo Burnett India)
Associate Director: Aparna Ganesh (Keroscene Films)
Art Director: Deepak Jage (Leo Burnett India)
Executive Creative Director: Sachin Kamble (Leo Burnett India)
Brand Strategy Associate: Akshaya Karanth (Leo Burnett India)
Producer: Harish Nambiar (Keroscene Films)
Vice President : Marketing (Motorcycles): Sumeet Narang (Bajaj Auto)
Copywriter: Ashish Sharma (Leo Burnett India)
Editor: Dilip Dharampuri (Leo Burnett India)
Agency Producer: Falgun Busa (Leo Burnett India)
Director Of Photography: Gauri Chikhalikar (Keroscene Films)
Associate Vice President: Rajiv Wadhwa (Leo Burnett India)
Copywriter: Sriram Iyer (Leo Burnett India)
Director: Rajesh Saathi (Keroscene Films)
Copywriter: Vivek Unnikrishnan (Leo Burnett India)
Assistant Director: Ebyug Akhil (Keroscene Films)
Executive Creative Director: Prajato Guha Thakurta (Leo Burnett India)
Creative Producer: Raylin Valles (10 Films)
Music Director: Sanchit Balhara (Keroscene Films)
Deputy General Manager: Soumya Das (Bajaj Auto)
Art Director: Vikrant Wadkar (Leo Burnett India)
Executive Producer: Anikita Malhotra Gurjar (Keroscene Films)
Management Trainee: Debasmitta Dutta (Bajaj Auto)
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First and foremost, Vikrant was born again – not just physically, but in the minds and hearts of the nation.The teaser film triggered a series of activities, online and offline. The entire nation stood up to applaud the effort and honor the legend in her new form, with #BajajV trending higher than #RepublicDay itself. And Online & National Media couldn’t stop talking about us! We garnered 0.7 Million USD worth of free media coverage in one week. Creating a cumulative 160 million impressions, reaching out to 32 million, overall.Most importantly, V sold 11,000 bikes on the first day of launch itself! And now has a 3-month waiting period, with Bajaj upping their production capacity from 20,000 to 50,000 units monthly – making it a brand worth $0.5 billion in annual turnover in just one month!
ONLY A BRAND SEEN AS THE TRUE SON OF INDIA – SUCH AS BAJAJ MOTORCYCLES – CAN REINSTATE THE NATION’S LOST PRIDE.While we wanted Vikrant’s rebirth to salvage our collective pride, we knew only a brand that is truly Indian by heart could make this happen.Being India’s first homegrown motorcycle brand, Bajaj Motorcycles is one of the most trusted, reputed and respected brands in the country. For over half a century now, Bajaj is renowned for making products that reflect the nation’s existing needs. From offering India its first indigenous two-wheeler in the 1960’s to its first indigenous sports bike in the 2000’s – products from Bajaj that have become a part of our national fabric. No other brand that has been a truer reflection of India than Bajaj.We strongly believed that Bajaj was perfectly suited to honour Vikrant. In the manner they know best–making motorcycles.
A 10-DAY PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN DESIGNED AROUND AN IMPORTANT DAY IN INDIA – 26TH JANUARY 2016, THE REPUBLIC DAY.Pre-Republic Day: Created opinion pieces around the dismantling of Vikrant to catalyze conversations about the legend. Republic Day: Aired an evocative & patriotic Teaser Film on YouTube that focused on Vikrant’s story and our role in restoring her. With acclaimed Oscar Award winning music director A R Rahman’s rendition of India’s national song “Maa Tujhe Salaam” (“I salute you, mother”) as its soundtrack. Post-Republic Day: Aired a Product Reveal film on YouTube that showcased the product in all its glory, and opened up the booking counters online and offline.
Campaign Description:
BAJAJ V – THE NATION’S BIKE. A BIKE FORGED WITH THE PRIDE OF THE NATION.We could not let such a historic figure fade into oblivion. We wanted her legend to live on. We wanted to bring back Vikrant’s lost pride, and with that the nation’s. We partnered with Bajaj Motorcycles, bought the legendary metal, melted it, molded it and created – for the first time ever – a motorcycle infused with the metal of a historic warship. A bike made with the spirit of Vikrant, for the spirit of India. An opportunity for millions to be a direct part of the legend’s rebirth. To own a piece of history.
IN 2014, AN INDIAN LEGEND FACED THE MOST DISHONOURABLE OF ENDS, SPARKING FRENZY ACROSS THE NATION.INS Vikrant was not just any other war-ship. She was a national icon.She was India’s first aircraft carrier and the face of independent India’s growing pride and prowess. She led India to the historic Indo-Pak War of 1971 that resulted in the birth of a new nation – Bangladesh. Having served the nation valiantly for decades, not only was Vikrant an irreplaceable figure from our history, but forever etched among Indians as our proud mother.But in 2014, the Supreme Court of India took a decision that would shock the entire nation.Vikrant was sent to the scrapyard & turned into a heap of scrap – the human equivalent of capital punishment – leaving a proud nation dispirited, disheartened and resigned to the harsh fate.