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Sector Seguros
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia McCann New York
Chief Creative Officer Sean Bryan, Eric Silver, Tom Murphy
Executive Creative Director Larry Platt
Art Director Daniel Aykurt, Ferdinand Daniele
Copywriter Donnell Johnson, Tom Weingard
Agencia de production Untitled Films
Director Grant Heslov
Publicado octubre 2016


Lions Health 2017
Health And Wellness Health Services & Corporate Communications: Insurance Gold Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Title: Tv Doctors Of America
Agency: Mccann New York
Brand: Cigna
Country: USA
Entrant Company: Mccann New York
Advertising Agency: Mccann New York
Media Agency: Omd Usa, New York
Pr Agency: Edelman, New York
Production Company: Untitled, Santa Monica / Mrm//Mccann, New York
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan (Mccann New York)
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy (Mccann New York)
North American Chief Creative Officer: Eric Silver (Mccann New York)
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram (Mccann New York)
Head Of Business Affairs: Danielle Korn (Mccann New York)
Music Producer: Dan Gross (Mccann New York)
Executive Producer: Gina Pagano (Mackcut)
Evp Executive Creative Director: Larry Platt (Mccann New York)
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Ferdinand Daniele (Mccann New York)
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Tom Weingard (Mccann New York)
Art Director: Daniel Aykurt (Mccann New York)
Copywriter: Donnell Johnson (Mccann New York)
Senior Integrated Producer: Craig Sklaver (Mccann New York)
Executive Producer: Amanda Revere (Mccann New York)
Director: Grant Heslov (Untitled Films)
Evp Co-Head Of Account Management & Global Account Director : Veronica Beltran (Mccann New York)
Svp Group Account Director : Trish Mello (Mccann New York)
Svp Director Talent Partnerships: Kimberly Kress (Mccann New York)
Svp Group Strategy Director: Julianna Katrancha (Mccann New York)
Account Director : Colleen Moisio (Mccann New York)
Account Executive : Mike Morettoni (Mccann New York)
Associate Strategist: Collin Peters (Mccann New York)
Assistant Account Executive: Kayla Fu (Mccann New York)
Svp Executive Music Producer: Eric Johnson (Mccann New York)
Executive Producer: Jim Evans (Untitled Films)
Editor: Ryan Steele (Mackcut)
Assistant Editor: Pamela Petruski (Mackcut)
Campaign Description:
To get our point across and break through the clutter of health communications, we knew we couldn't just rely on a spokesperson or medical authority. People weren’t listening to real doctors, so our message had to come from unexpected source. To this end, we assembled the TV Doctors of America: a cross- generational ensemble of actors from some of America’s most beloved medical shows teaming up with Cigna in the name of wellness. They’ve looked the part. They’ve used the lingo. But now, for the first time ever, these make-believe doctors would be able to use their “skills” to make a difference. How? By urging everyone to go to a real doctor for an annual check-up and take control of their health.
Brief with projected outcomes:
The Federal Trade Commission requires healthcare ads using statistics, quotes or data to demonstrate claims are verifiable, and must include disclosure of sources. The TV Doctors campaign sourced Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data to validate claims that preventive care can help save up to 100,000 lives.
We brought together four decades of TV Doctors from some of the most iconic medical shows of all time for a single cause: get America to a real doctor for an annual check-up—a message that could help save 100,000 lives. A first for the health insurance category, we connected with our target with a fully integrated channel strategy, launching our campaign with TV and videos on our actors’ social feeds. The campaign was supported with a range of social videos, a campaign microsite, digital banners, and a coordinated PR effort, all resulting in unprecedented views, shares, and positive engagement.
Americans do not particularly like going to the doctor and only seek preventive care at half the recommended rate. But according to the CDC, 100,000 lives could be saved if everyone just went as advised. So, heading into the all-important health insurance open-enrollment period, Cigna, a challenger brand, chose not to push plans and product benefits, but rather to stand out by taking up this important cause and making preventive care our mission. Doing so would not only address a serious public health issue, but also reinforce the brand’s goal to be a partner in wellness. Our primary objective was to inspire a difficult, but potentially life-saving behavior shift: to get as many Americans as possible to go to their doctors for their annual preventive care check-up.
Cigna strives to be a partner that champions wellness not just on behalf of its customers, but on behalf of all Americans. In order for people to really hear us and not tune us out, we would have to disarm them in a way that they couldn’t ignore.Once we cracked the concept, we assembled a universally recognized ensemble that had the power to reach, engage, and drive check-ups among as many Americans as possible. Through primary research we identified the five most recognized, liked, and trusted TV Doctors of all time, ensuring they would have an effect across generations, ethnicities, and geographic locations. Through a clear understanding of their social reach, we could we aggregate the right combination of influence and use it to underpin our communications plan. For earned media, we conceived a multi-phased program designed to generate lead stories and really make the message stick with consumers.
To announce our call for check-ups with maximum impact, we launched with TV during the 2017 NFL season kickoff. Simultaneously, each member of our celebrity ensemble released our “Hero” video through their social media accounts, which instantly reached their millions of followers.The following week, we tapped into The Emmys – TV’s biggest night – by purchasing a Twitter First View promoted video, promoting our #GoKnowControl campaign hashtag, and running our “Hero” video on broadcast – all during the ceremony. From operating room romance to being “written off”, we sustained excitement for the campaign through strategically released social videos—each playing up the best TV medical drama tropes. All efforts drove to a microsite built for customers and non-customers alike that provides tools to prepare for the check-up, information about key health numbers, and methods for keeping those numbers in a healthy range, in addition to interviews with our TV Docs.
We reached our quarterly goal of 300 million earned media impressions within a week of our campaign live date, and by the one-month mark, we surpassed our campaign goal by 145%, earning over 734 million impressions. Today, the campaign has surpassed 6.5 billion total impressions. In addition to being widely viewed, our content was also highly enjoyed. Overall, sentiment around Cigna during campaign launch was 55% positive, compared with an average of 8% for our competitors – this amounted to a 267% increase above average brand sentiment for the first half of 2016.