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Bleachable Moments

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Sector Detergentes
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia DDB California
Creative Director Jim Bosiljevac
Publicado enero 2013


AME Awards, 2014
products & services household AME Bronze Medallion

Creditos y descripciones

Award: AME Bronze Medallion
Competition: AME
Competition Year: 2014
Agency: DDB
Agency Country: USA
Competition: 193 2014 AME Awards
Category: PS16 household
Category Group: products & services
Brand/Sponsor: Clorox Liquid Bleach
Title: Bleachable Moments
Item Company: DDB California
Item Country: USA
Creative Director: Jim Bosiljevac
Production Company: N/A
Production Company Producer: N/A
Campaign Cost
$10-25 million
Product Type
Campaign Start
10 / 01 / 2012
Campaign End
11 / 26 / 2013
Campaign Ran
North America
Campaign Description
brand repositioning or restaging
Marketing Context
We are the spending leader in the sub-category of bleach. But we’re a drop in the bucket compared to the larger categories of laundry and cleaning in which we compete. Total laundry category spending tops $298 million and if you add to that the $507 million competitors spend on cleaning; Clorox has under a 3% share of voice.
Not only are competitors spending heavily, but they also have something new to say. There has been a surge in laundry and cleaning innovation, largely focused on making these chores more convenient. For example, Tide Pods (all in one detergent, stain remover and brightener), Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets (one sheet provides detergent, fabric softener and static guard), upgrades to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (eliminates the need for cleaning solution), upgrades to Swiffer (all-in-one cleaning solutions). While much more effective, our tried and true Clorox Bleach is hardly an innovative, convenience cleaner.
Campaign Planning
To get to our core insight and our big idea on Bleachable Moments, we leveraged the following in addition to a full examination of the business data:
• Ethnographic friendship pairs
• Segmentation
• Market structure analytics
• U&A
• Copy testing
• Tracking
Marketing & Media Strategy
The strategy behind Bleachable Moments can be summed up in one line- Clorox Bleach is an eraser for the stain and for the brain. To bring this idea to life in media we created a fully integrated campaign using traditional vehicle (TV), and non-traditional videos such as digital, social, and interactive billboards.
The primary media goal of the TV placement was to give the Bleachable Moments film the reach and frequency needed to meet our media and campaign objectives. Equally important was the digital effort, which evoked “theatre of the mind” to engage our target audience, encouraging them to participate with the brand by sharing their own Bleachable Moments on our branded site.
Finally a partnership with ABC’s the Bachelor and interactive billboards in Las Vegas served custom, fully integrated content to our audience and was designed to garner their participation and sharing.
Creative Strategy
The creative strategy was inspired by all the moments in life where a situation is so uncomfortable, so embarrassing, that it not only requires a thorough physical cleaning, it requires a psychological cleaning as well. We call these Bleachable Moments–the kind of moments we wish we could erase. Thanks to Clorox Bleach, we can.
Once a full examination of the business data yielded our core challenge of attracting younger users, we turned to qualitative research for inspiration. Conducting in-home ethnographic friendship pairs among consumers age 20-34 years old, we learned these people were entering new life-stages – roommates, spouses, first houses and kids. Most importantly, we heard that entering a new life-stage often meant experiencing a dirtier, grosser side of life.
We found our insight; Clorox Bleach is the world’s most powerful cleaner so let’s use it to attack the dirtiest, grossest moments. Those moments you would just rather eliminate.
Evidence of Results
Objective: Increase the efficiency (cases per dollar spent)) of the advertising by 27%
Result: Increased efficiency (cases per dollar spent) of the advertising by 100%
Prior to the Bleachable Moments launch, our BDA reported a 27% decrease in efficiency (cases per dollar spent) between 2010-2011. Our Year 1 campaign goal was to reverse the decline. By Year 2 we’d achieved a 100% increase in advertising efficiency.
Source: The Clorox Company BDA Report, August 2013
Objective: Increase the ROI of the advertising by 6% year over year
Result: Achieved a 46% increase in the return per $ invested against advertising
Source: The Clorox Company, August reporting 2013
Objective: Change perception among younger users
Result: Positive shift in perception among younger users
Clorox Bleach is now being viewed as relevant to our targets’ lives. The brand has seen lifts in key brand measurement metrics.
Source: Agency Research, study November 2012-February 2013.
Target Audience
Penetration of Clorox Bleach among those under the age of 35 was at an all-time low, approximately 30% below penetration for consumers over the age of 65 (source: IRI Panel data). To address the decline, we chose to target a new group of users, one that we call the Newly Responsible. Newly Responsibles are men and women, aged 20-34 who are entering new life stages – roommates, spouses, first houses and kids.
Talent 1: Jim Bosiljevac|Group Creative Director
Talent 2: Kelly McCullough|Associate Creative Director
Talent 3: Billy Leyhe|Copywriter
Talent 4: Heidi Dorosin|Vice President, Marketing
Talent 5: Mara McCune|Marketing Manager
Talent 6: Pam Griffin|Group Media Manager
Talent 7: Rita Gorenberg|PR Marketing Communications
Talent 8: Jason Wertheimer|Interactive Producer
Talent 9: Rebecca Hines|Group Account Director
Talent 10: Kara Rozek|Associate Media Director
Talent 11: Jessica Viltman|Account Supervisor