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Shout Down Arms [image]

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Sector Organizaciones benéficas, fundaciones, voluntarios
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Alemania
Agencia Scholz & Friends Berlin
Chief Creative Officer Matthias Spaetgens
Creative Director Mathias Rebmann, Björn Kernspeckt
Art Director Michael Johne, Max Marohn, Rene Gebhardt, Zartosht Kohan
Copywriter Florian Schwalme, Andrea Senzel, Marco Müller
Illustrator Sebastian Wirbelnauer
Agencia The Chimney Pot
Publicado marzo 2016


One Show, 2016
Interactive Non-Profit - Websites / Websites Merit

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Client: Control Arms
Product: Petition Against Arms Trade
Entrant: Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Title: Shout Down Arms
Product/Service: Petition Against Arms Trade
Idea Creation: Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Production: Chimney Deutschland Berlin, Germany
Additional Company: Bleech Berlin, Germany
Additional Company 2: Brandnewmusic Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Matthias Spaetgens (Scholz & Friends)
Managing Creative Director: Robert Krause (Scholz & Friends)
Creative Director: Mathias Rebmann (Scholz & Friends)
Creative Director: Björn Kernspeckt (Scholz & Friends)
Art Director: Max Marohn (Scholz & Friends)
Art Director: Zartosht Kohan (Scholz & Friends)
Art Director: René Gebhardt (Scholz & Friends)
Art Director: Michael Johne (Scholz & Friends)
Copywriter: Marco Müller (Scholz & Friends)
Copywriter: Andrea Senzel (Scholz & Friends)
Copywriter: Florian Schwalme (Scholz & Friends)
Graphic Designer: Robert Hellmundt (Scholz & Friends)
Graphic Designer: Erwin Lorenz (Scholz & Friends)
Graphic Designer: Alexander Döpel (Scholz & Friends)
Graphic Designer: Tim Weiske (Scholz & Friends)
Illustrator: Sebastian Wirbelnauer (Scholz & Friends)
Account Manager: Samy Kouatli (Scholz & Friends)
Strategist: Gerald Hensel (Scholz & Friends)
Digital Concept Developer: Niklas Thürmann (Scholz & Friends)
Digital Concept Developer: Mascha Andechser (Scholz & Friends)
Agency Producer: Agostino De Martino (Scholz & Friends)
Agency Producer: Kristin Ammon (Scholz & Friends)
Editor: Daniel Klessig (Scholz & Friends)
Music Composer: Florian Richter (brandnewmusic)
Website URL:
The Campaign
Almost everyone is against arms trade. But traditional petitions find less and less supporters. That's why we thought of a new way to raise our voice. A voice that could literally be heard in the UN Headquarters. With the help of an interactive tool you could stop tanks and soldiers by simply raising your voice – with a loud yell. Every yell was transformed into a three dimensional sound graph, that destroyed tanks and vehicles. The recording of every yell was embedded into a shareable video.
Creative Execution
We designed a landing page for the sole purpose of collecting and digitizing the voices of our supporters. We sent the link to our interactive petition to all our existing supporters and asked them to share the news. Additionally the link was seeded in social media platforms only 6 weeks before the successful UN intervention. Thanks to its viral nature it spread fast.
Control Arms were not only able to activate existing supporters, but to win thousands of new supporters for their course. The petition was handed over to the UN in July as a digital sound file. When the UN threatened to impose an arms embargo both warring parties signed a peace treaty by the end of August. Every voice has made a small contribution.
Online petitions are a great way to change the world. But sadly it doesn’t feel that way. We wanted to create an interactive petition that is fun and demonstrates the political power our supporters.