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The Man On The Moon [image]

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Sector Ropa y Zapatos, Tiendas de ropa y accesorios
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia adam&eveDDB London
Executive Creative Director Ben Tollett, Richard Brim
Media Manning Gottlieb OMD London
Agencia de production Somesuch & Co
Director Kim Gehrig
Publicado marzo 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Integrated Integrated: Integrated Campaign Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Title: The Man On The Moon
Agency: Manning Gottlieb Omd, Adam&Eveddb
Brand: John Lewis
Country: United Kingdom
Entrant Company: Adam&Eveddb, London
Advertising Agency: Adam&Eveddb, London
Media Agency: Manning Gottlieb Omd, London
Pr Agency: Manning Gottlieb Omd, London
Production Company: Somesuch, London
Additional Company: Somesuch, London
Producer: Lee Groombridge (Somesuch)
Executive Creative Director: Richard Brim (Adam&eveddb)
Director: Robert Smith (Cain&abel)
Illustrator: Steve Dell (Adam&eveddb)
Digital Designer: Thom Grebe (Cain&abel)
Account Director: Caroline Grayson (Adam&eveddb)
Founder, Cso: David Golding (Adam&eveddb)
Social Media Director: Eddie Gold (Adam&eveddb)
Colourist: James Bamford (The Mill)
Director: Kim Gehrig (Somesuch)
Project Lead 3d: Mike Chapman (The Mill)
Project Manager: Hatty Day (Adam&eveddb)
Digital Designer: Laura Williamson (Cain&abel)
Agency Producer: Lucie Georgeson (Adam&eveddb)
Creative: Miles Carter (Adam&eveddb)
Designer/Typographer: Santi Rey (Stanleys King Henry)
Lead Digital Matte Painter: Aurelien Ronceray (The Mill)
Agency Assistant Producer: Brittany Littlewood (Adam&eveddb)
Designer/Typographer: Chris Holiday (Adam&eveddb)
Head Of Social: Simon Adamson (Adam&eveddb)
Creative: Sophie Knox (Adam&eveddb)
Editor: Tom Lindsay (Trim)
Social Media Manager: Viki Imrie (Adam&eveddb)
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest (Adam&eveddb)
Joint Head Of Integrated Production: Cave Ellson (Adam&eveddb)
Designer/Typographer: Cris Jones (Stanleys King Henry)
Producers: Gemma Humphries, George Reid (The Mill)
Smoke Artist: James Pratt (The Mill)
Digital Matte Painting: Jiyoung Lee + German Casado (The Mill)
Vfx Shoot Supervisor: Jonathan Westley (The Mill)
Cinematographer: Andre Chemetoff (Somesuch)
3d Artists: Christos Parliaros, Ivor Griffin, Adam Dewhirst, Tom Hales, Ciaron Moloney, Finlay Crowther, Ian Potsos, Matt Kavanagh (The Mill)
Senior New Business Manager: Clare Peters (Manning Gotlieb Omd)
Project Manager: Marine Rabier (Adam&eveddb)
Account Director: Ric Roberts (Manning Gotlieb Omd)
Managing Director: Tammy Einav (Adam&eveddb)
Digital Designer: Andrew Murray (Cain&abel)
Executive Creative Director: Ben Tollett (Adam&eveddb)
Motion Graphics Artist: Ed Christie (Cain&abel)
Editor: Joe Andrews (Cain&abel)
2d Artists: Joe Tang, Olivia Oneil, Grant Connor (The Mill)
Photographer: Noemie Bottiau (Cain&abel)
Executive Producer: Tim Nash (Somesuch)
Motion Graphics Artist: Tom Lockwood (Cain&abel)
Music Supervisors: Abi Leland And Ed Bailie (Leland Music)
Integrated Producer: Agne Acute (Adam&eveddb)
Integrated Producer: Amy Coomber (Adam&eveddb)
Sound Designer: Anthony Moore (Factory Studios)
Head Of Production: Brett Kelsey (Cain&abel)
Vfx Shoot Supervisor: Hitesh Patel (The Mill)
Business Director: Miranda Hipwell (Adam&eveddb)
Ceo: Tim Pearson (Manning Gotlieb Omd)
Campaign Description:
So, we needed to deliver a Christmas campaign that would separate John Lewis from the chasing retail pack, and ultimately, set the benchmark for all brands whose aim is emotional engagement, multi-touchpoint activation, and commercial success.We wanted to do something different and use our growing brand influence to support a good cause.
‘Man On The Moon’ generated more views, likes, shares, engagements, parodies, buzz and PR coverage than any of our previous Christmas campaigns, helping put John Lewis top of mind and win the public’s hearts.Our partnership with Age UK allowed John Lewis to harness the power of its brand at Christmas to do good. Awareness of the cause increased, 1
000 people were inspired to volunteer, £183k in fundraising was directly raised and Age UK gained new corporate partnerships worth +£2.5 million.The campaign helped John Lewis achieve record sales and profits at Christmas, taking £951 million in revenue. In a retail market down -1.8%, John Lewis outperformed the market, with like-for-like sales rising +5.1%. Margin also increased by 3.1% in November and 2.2% in December, amounting to John Lewis’ most commercially successful Christmas to date.
We wanted to do something different and use our growing brand influence to support a good cause.In phase one, our ‘Man On The Moon’ campaign featured a heartwarming story of a lonely old man living on the moon, who receives the thoughtful gift of a telescope from a little girl back on earth. Amplified in the store, through the app and through a plethora of digital channels.In phase two, we extended the emotional sentiment of the campaign through a partnership with Age UK, drawing attention to the problem of loneliness amongst old people at Christmas. We wanted to:Create fame for John Lewis at Christmas and win the hearts of the British publicSpread the spirit of Christmas and encourage partners and customers to support a good causeGrow sales to achieve John Lewis’most successful Christmas ever
It’s been well documented how significant Christmas is for retailers. It’s no different for John Lewis. Christmas represents around 40% of the business’ annual revenues.Over the last few years John Lewis has made a name for itself with its emotional approach to Christmas marketing. Every year, we try to raise that bar. As a society, our relationship with the elderly was also an important consideration for us this year. The story shows the bond between the young and the old in a lovely and warm way, but further to this we endeavored to form a meaningful relationship with Age UK.
We wanted to ensure that all consumer touch points got the Man on the Moon treatment. So we were simultaneously implementing the production of, POS, in-store, windows, bags, merchandise, the film, the app, the social and the digital. The campaign was widely spread across the country at scale.