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Skip Friday 13 [video]

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Sector Juegos de azar
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Agencia Impact BBDO Dubai
Associate Creative Director William Mathovani
Executive Creative Director Fadi Yaish
Creative Director Daniel Corrêa
Publicado mayo 2016


Loeries Awards 2017
Digital & Interactive Communication Website Or Microsite Grand Prix

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Case Film
Client: Loto Libanaise
Agency Impact BBDO Dubai
Advertiser Loto Libanaise
Country UAE
Year 2016
Client: La Libanaise Des Jeux
Product: Lottery
Agency: Impact Bbdo Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Entrant: Impact Bbdo Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Product/Service: Lottery
Idea Creation: Impact Bbdo Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Executive Creative Director: Fadi Yaish (Impact Bbdo Dubai)
Creative Director: Daniel Corrêa (Impact Bbdo Dubai)
Associate Creative Director: William Mathovani (Impact Bbdo Dubai)
Digital Director: Hisham Lahouasnia (Impact Bbdo Dubai)
Technical Lead: Nilesh Thakkar (Impact Bbdo Dubai)
Technical Director: Nabeel Qaisar (Impact Bbdo Dubai)
User Interface Developer: Mohsin Khan (Impact Bbdo Dubai)
Website URL:
The Campaign:
Skip Friday 13th and play Loto.
Creative Execution:
A 24-hour microsite experience that allowed everyone in Lebanon on Friday, May 13, 2016 to play Loto online from different cities that were still on Thursday the 12th, or already on Saturday the 14th.
How? By rerouting Loto Libanaise' website IP address every hour from one city to the next, across 24 servers worldwide based on their time zone — Tokyo, London, Havana, Auckland, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, New York, Kingston, Bangkok and more. Skipping Friday the 13th in its entirety.
We promoted the site with out-of-home ads, online banners and social media posts.
Over 1.1 million impressions from social PR and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LBC International, MBC, The Daily Star, among others worth more than USD105,000.
Source: OMD Media Tracker, May 2016
Site traffic was up by over 14,900%.
Source: Loto Libanaise analytics
We didn’t just avoid the usual drop in sales on the day.
We actually had the biggest day of ticket sales on record:
23,827 tickets.
Source: Nielsen sales report for Loto Libanaise, Jan 2015 – April 2016 is an online Loto Libanaise store that allowed everyone in Lebanon to skip the unluckiest day of the year, feel luckier and buy lottery tickets online from a different day and country. As a result, Loto Libanaise sold more tickets online than any other day of the year.
Target audience:
Loto targets everyone over the age of 18 but in this instance, they wanted to talk to the superstitious person in all of us — the person who might not admit to it out loud, but would avoid courting bad luck if they could.
Luckily, the world is round. When it’s Friday 13th in Beirut, Lebanon, it’s Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th in other cities around the world. So what if we could get people to play Loto from a different time zone?
With Friday 13th eluded, and therefore the bad luck gone, we believed people would buy more Loto tickets on a day that they had previously avoided.