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Nike On Demand

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Sector Ropa de deporte, Mobile applications
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia R/GA London
Associate Creative Director STEVE VIGLIONE
Executive Creative Director James Temple, Rodrigo Sobral
Publicado junio 2016


Andy Awards 2017
Mobile or Wireless Campaign Fashion, Luxury and Accessories Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: R/ga London, United Kingdom
Client: Nike
Product: Personalised Messaging Platform
Entrant: R/Ga London, United Kingdom
Title: Nike On Demand
Product/Service: Personalised Messaging Platform
Idea Creation: R/Ga London, United Kingdom
Media Placement: R/Ga London, United Kingdom
Production: R/Ga London, United Kingdom
Strategy Director: Kathryn Chalmers (R/GA London)
Group Account Director: John Wilson (R/GA London)
Senior Strategist: Harry Peacham (R/GA London)
Senior Producer: Rob Kent (R/GA London)
Technology Director: Anthony Baker (R/GA London)
Creative Director: Nick Paget (R/GA London)
Creative Director: Paris Lawrence (R/GA London)
Designer: Josh Yee (R/GA London)
Associate Producer: Dami Kelekun (R/GA London)
Associate Director, Analytics: Steve Viglione (R/GA London)
Video URL:
The Campaign
The hardest thing for athletes is staying focused and committed to accomplishing their goals. So we created Nike On Demand: a 1:1 messenger-based service on WhatsApp that connects athletes with the best of Nike on a regular basis to keep them engaged, entertained, motivated and on track.
Nike On Demand delivered truly bespoke personal content in the form of conversation, images, playlists, etc. 1:1 via chat and it placed Nike’s network of athletes, coaches, experts, clubs, experiences etc. literally at athletes’ fingertips.
Nike On Demand is no stale, automated chat bot. It is real human interaction. As such, it provided our audience with the things they crave most: entertaining social interactions, ways to take action in the real world as well as unique, authentic, entertaining experiences.
Over 6 weeks Nike On Demand enabled 240 athletes to take their game to the next level, exchanging over 22K messages and connecting athletes with pacers, trainers, run coaches, reminders, private classes, 1:1 sessions, training plans, playlists, app challenges, product trials, VIP bookings, coaching tips, and a whole heap of ass-kicking motivation.
Here’s what users thought:
83% would recommend Nike On Demand to a friend.
81% would use the service again.
70% expect this type of service from Nike.
In 2006 Nike launched Nike+ which kick-started a sports tracking movement, and since then, with apps and wearables, Nike has gathered possibly the richest set of athlete data on the planet.
And yet consumers are still strangers to the brand.
In 2016 we set out to put that data to work, and to create a way for Nike to motivate each and every one of its consumers personally.
Nike On Demand is the world’s first universal personal trainer, bringing bespoke data-driven inspiration and innovation to every athlete, via 1:1 messaging and transforming Nike from a brand into a friend.
Nike is in the business of unleashing athletes’ potential.
For millennials, it was no longer enough for Nike to tell them to Just Do It – we had to enable them to do ‘it’ on their terms.
And whilst Nike’s suite of apps, including NTC (Nike Training Club) and NRC (Nike Run Club) were great at bringing consumers into the world of Nike, Nike was unable to harness user data from these platforms to create truly personal content and experiences.
We knew that millennials were expecting more authentic, personal, relevant experiences from brands.
We also knew our audience was migrating from social media-based conversations to the private world of messaging and stories, vis a vis Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
And we knew that people are more compelled by social accountability than by robots.
Our strategy therefore was to unleash every athlete’s potential through a truly human 1:1 service.