Diehard Fan, 2 Critical Mass para Nissan

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Diehard Fan, 2

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Sector Coches
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Canadá
Agencia Critical Mass
Executive Creative Director Steve Savic
Creative Director Masanori Benno
Art Director Martine Lavoie, Jordan Natyshen, Andrzej Milosz, Darren Wood
Designer Javier Carrasco Y Miguel Olivares, Tomoki Iwamoto, Victoria Williams, Zhen Huang, Jon Temple
Agencia de production Image Metrics
Publicado marzo 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Digital Craft TECHNOLOGY: Augmented Reality (AR) Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Title: Diehard Fan
Agency: Critical Mass
Brand: Nissan North America
Country: Canada
Advertising Agency: Critical Mass, Calgary
Entrant Company: Critical Mass, Calgary
Media Agency: Critical Mass, Calgary
Pr Agency: Critical Mass, Calgary
Production Company: Image Metrics, El Segundo
Additional Company: Image Metrics, El Segundo
Art Director: Darren Wood (Critical Mass)
Designer: Jon Temple (Critical Mass)
Art Director: Martine Lavoie (Critical Mass)
User Experience Architect: Annie Tat (Critical Mass)
Executive Creative Director: Steve Savic (Critical Mass)
Designer: Tomoki Iwamoto (Critical Mass)
Group Strategy Director: Chrissie Graboski (Critical Mass)
Strategy Director: Kerry Janes (Critical Mass)
Chief Creative Officer: Conor Brady (Critical Mass)
Group Creative Director: Jordon Mowbray (Critical Mass)
Account Director: Matt Ochab (Critical Mass)
Designer: Victoria Williams (Critical Mass)
Project Manager: Cara Woo (Critical Mass)
Art Director: Jordan Natyshen (Critical Mass)
Face Painter: Lucie Brouillard (N/a)
Creative Director: Masanori Benno (Critical Mass)
Account Manager: Stephanie England (Critical Mass)
Designer: Zhen Huang (Critical Mass)
Executive Producer: Alissa Hansen (Critical Mass)
Art Director: Andrzej Milosz (Critical Mass)
Project Manager: Jason Mack (Critical Mass)
Designer: Javier Olivares (Critical Mass)
Copy Director: Peter Von Sass (Critical Mass)
Campaign Description:
Nissan recently penned the widest-reaching sponsorship deal in the history of collegiate sports. 100 colleges, 100 teams, and 190-million of the most loyal, crazy, colorful, hardcore, over-the-top sports lovers on the planet. They are true fanatics who, come game day, proudly wear their fanaticism – literally right on their faces. We ignited this by letting people transform themselves into diehard fans anytime, anywhere. Inspired by college football fans and the tradition of face-painting, we created the Diehard Fan App – a real time virtual face-painting app. Diehard Fan lets anyone put on a game face and unleash their inner fanatic, anytime, anywhere. There are thousands of different combinations to try on, capture and share – proof that every day can be as exciting as game day.
Small Screen, big splash. In order to appeal to die hard sports fans, the app experience had to be authentic. Face paint had to look real and move realistically. Designs had to be true to a team and look like real face paint. We merged advanced face-tracking technology with the classic art of face painting. First, we hand-painted and captured hundreds of different face paint designs. Each was then digitally face-mapped to ensure the magic of realism. This technique recognizes subtleties like facial expressions, angles and shadows. Localized media targets specific states and schools. It hones in on classic rivalries and games, right at the stadium in real-time. Diehard Fan is activated by using school level social media and Nissan dealers to speak the local language in digital and on the ground. Targeted JumboTron spots rallied fans. And fans could literally print out foam-core “megaheads” to show their team spirit. Proving that Nissan makes every day as exciting as game day.There are over 1000 different ways to personalize your game face, making it the best way to paint your face — since face-paint.