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OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk, 1

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Sector Cookies
Media Digital, Case study
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Carnival Labs
Creative Director Guy Horrocks
Publicado septiembre 2013


AME Awards, 2014
use of medium branded entertainment Finalist Certificate
use of medium games Finalist Certificate

Creditos y descripciones

Award: Finalist Certificate
Competition: AME
Competition Year: 2014
Agency: Carnival Labs
Agency Country: USA
Agency City: NEW YORK
Competition: 193 2014 AME Awards
Category: UM01 branded entertainment
Category Group: use of medium
Brand/Sponsor: OREO
Item Company: Carnival Labs
Item Country: USA
Creative Director: Guy Horrocks
Production Company: N/A
Production Company Producer: N/A
Product Type OREO cookies
Campaign Start 11 / 22 / 2012
Campaign End 01 / 01 / 2015
Campaign Ran Global campaign throughout all regions
Campaign Description brand rejuvenation
Marketing Context
OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk was a first time global campaign with a large focus on the North American market. With a high obesity rate in the US, one of our main priorities was ensuring that the game focused more on the real-world cookie ritual (of twisting, licking and dunking an OREO) rather than the physical act of eating. For legal reasons, we also had to ensure the design was not targeted at children under 12 and we used a publisher with an older average age demographic to help with this.
The international nature of the campaign meant we had to take into consideration the large and varied audience. Marketing approach and messaging in one country, won’t necessarily be relevant and be received the same as another. To accommodate the international markets, we set up a rich HTML inbox that each country could run their own unique geo-location based marketing messages, competitions and promotions through. The app was also localized for all major markets.
Campaign Planning
We began planning in June 2012 for a November Thanksgiving 2012 launch. Firstly we came up with the right concept, a simple and fun game using a highly popular and well proven game mechanic that also incorporated OREO’s famous ritual, twist, lick and dunking an OREO cookie into milk. We then added a subtle twist on that mechanic and produced basic creatives and an overall strategy for the brand to sign off.
Once the broad scope was agreed upon, we reached out to a successful mobile game publisher and leveraged one of their existing game mechanics as a foundation for the campaign, and signed a licensing deal with them to publish the game. We then scoped and managed the project with them and worked with OREO and Apple around the launch plan.
Marketing & Media Strategy
Due to budget restrictions we had to be very creative with our media strategy. Instead of using a traditional media buy, we incentivized a top gaming publisher, PikPok, to publish the game. This ensured that the game was launched into a large network of users which was important as OREO had no existing mobile user-base.
The app was launched two days before Thanksgiving and seeded marketing materials with App Store contacts very early, which resulted in a highly sought after feature spot by Apple on launch. We also used OREO’s social presence with posts on Facebook, OREO.com and Twitter to advertise the app release. These don’t tend to translate into significant downloads on mobile despite the size of OREO’s Facebook audience so we ensured we had an agreed cross-promotional effort through Chart Boost for the first two days on launch. This insured maximum exposure to users.
The application was also designed to retrospectively handle ongoing future marketing campaigns. We used rich push notifications to run in-app competitions and content unlocks at key moments to drive further user engagement.
Creative Strategy
The OREO brand attracts a playful audience and identifies with families through its fun, simple and well known slogan, “Twist, Lick, Dunk”. This is why we made this slogan the foundation of the app.
Transforming OREO’s slogan into a mobile game not only helped to ensure that brand identity was maintained, but also engaged the target audience.
The game essentially represents the perfect marriage between a popular game mechanic and the real world cookie ritual. Visually, we created a lively, family kitchen which is common ground for the OREO cookie and milk encounter, a setting that the audience can relate to. We carefully added more layers to the game while respecting its simple core, including secret combos, power-ups and the unlocking of different OREO cookies via virtual currency. Social hooks and an incentivized monetization strategy were used to encourage play.
Evidence of Results
1. Create the first cash-flow positive marketing campaign
- In the first six months the app generated over $130,000 USD from in-app advertising and virtual OREO cookies sold and is now cash flow positive,
2. Achieve global mobile success unaided by media spend
- Best performing mobile ‘adver-game’ of 2013
- We exceeded all KPIs relating to 12 month goals within the first month of launching.
- 2.5 billion virtual OREOs dunked into milk (1 OREO for 36% of the world’s population)
- 67,334,592 minutes = 128.11 years spent in app
- #1 overall app in 12 countries, #10 overall app in 36 countries
- #1 games categories in 50 countries
3. Create a strong ongoing mobile marketing channel that OREO can continue to re-engage and cross-promote from
- 4 million organic downloads, 592,701 peak app daily opens, 250,000 peak daily active users
- OREO now has a more engaged audience on mobile than their entire Facebook presence.
Measured success and effectiveness via the Carnival analytics engine along with App Annie for app store rankings and Google Analytics as a cross reference tool. Results highlights as at August 2013.
Target Audience
We were given a fairly broad target audience, focusing on both male and female mobile and tablet users from 122 different countries, with an additional focus on those in North America. Millennials aged 13-25 years old were a key target, as well as families, and especially Moms, who still represent the majority purchasers of the OREO brand.
Talent 1: Guy Horrocks|CEO, Carnival Labs
Talent 2: Mario Wynands|CEO, PikPok
Talent 3: Bonin Bough|Global Media & Consumer Engagement, Mondelez
Talent 4: Harrison Sebring|Global Mobile Innovations Manager, Mondelez