Business Card Geometry Global Tokyo para Saga Seaweed

Business Card

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Sector Alimentos salados
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital, Direct
Mercado Japón
Agencia Geometry Global Tokyo
Executive Creative Director Masato Mitsudera
Creative Director Masato Mitsudera, Yasuo Matsubara
Art Director Akihiko Ono
Copywriter Kengo Arima, Masato Mitsudera
Publicado febrero 2017

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Food
Media: Direct
Brand: Saga
Agency: Geometry Global
Geo: Japan
Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Japan
Executive Creative Director: Masato Mitsudera
Creative Directors: Masato Mitsudera, Yasuo Matsubara
Copywriters: Masato Mitsudera, Kengo Arima
Planner: Masato Mitsudera
Planner: Kengo Arima
Art Director: Akihiko Ono
Producer: Masao Omokawa
Director: Kengo Arima
Camera: Yuta Shimotsu
Chirographer: Yumiko Yoshida
Editor: Ai Takashima
Music: Kengo Arima
Song: Aki Kumamoto
Mixer: Yuji Murata
Creative Producer/account Executives: Naoki Miyazoe, Daisuke Mishima, Kanako Takeuchi
Published: February 2017
Description: Saga Seaweed accounts for app. 1/4 of the all Japan seaweed production, and it has been # 1 for 13 straight years.
The secret of this deliciousness is the strut farm grown method: using the 6 meters difference of tide levels, which is the unique feature of the Ariake sea.
To let the public know about the brand and the deliciousness of “Saga Seaweed,” which is the largest volume and the best quality in Japan, Saga city launched “Saga Seaweed Business Card Seaweed Project“.
The purpose of the “Saga Seaweed Business Card Seaweed Project” is to communicate its deliciousness clearly. 50 Saga Seaweed Celebrities who love Saga Seaweed will give out edible business cards made of Saga Seaweed, which are cut with the latest laser technology, to 100 non-Saga residents within a month.