Piter by [30min webfilm] Red Pepper Creative Ekaterinburg, VGNC para Bushe Bakery

Piter by [30min webfilm]

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Sector Cafe (en)
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital
Mercado Rusia
Agencia Red Pepper Creative Ekaterinburg
Creative Director Danil Golovanov, Alexey Sobolev
Art Director Julia Uzkikh
Agencia VGNC
Publicado octubre 2016


ADCR Awards 2017
Film & Radio Any Other (F&R) Gold

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Food
Media: Content
Brand: Bushe Bakery
Agency: Red Pepper
Geo: Russia
Advertising Agency: Red Pepper Film, Moscow, Russia / VGNC, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Danil Golovanov, Anna Gavrilova, Roman Pevzner, Alexey Sobolev, Pavel Buryak
Art Director: Julia Uzkikh, Mika Koroteev
Copywriters: Alexey Sobolev, Danil Golovanov, Anna Gavrilova, Roman Pevzner
Illustrator: Dima Fathiev-Dolokhov
Published: October 2016
Description: “Piter by” is a branded content project which features a few short and long storylines with one unifying theme - these stories can only happen in the great multicultural city that is St. Petersburg.
The main task of the project was to show the special atmosphere of the second capital of Russia and the uniqueness of "Bushe" as one of it’s signature destinations. "Bushe" always plays a crucial part in the plot, either helping out a character at the final twist, or being the place where it all starts.