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Sector Energy Drinks (en)
Media Digital
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Wieden + Kennedy
Executive Creative Director Susan Hoffman, Joe Staples
Creative Director Antony Goldstein, Kevin Jones, Jeff Gillette, Hal Curtis
Agencia Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Publicado febrero 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Category: Products
Advertising campaign: THE AHH EFFECT
Production Partners: (Legwork/Flavor/Superfad/Silk Tricky/Buck Tv/Joint Editorial/Powerhouse)
Designers: Allison Kerst (Wieden/Kennedy)
Contributing Creatives: Ben Carter (Wieden/Kennedy)
Lead Copywriter: Brooke Barker (Wieden/Kennedy)
Account Management: Emily Jackson (Wieden+Kennedy)
Account Management: Gene Willis (Wieden+Kennedy)
Developers: John Cohoon (Wieden+Kennedy)
Digital Strategy: Josie Goldberg (Wieden+Kennedy)
Creative Directors: Kevin Jones (Wieden/Kennedy)
Communications Strategy: Alex Barwick (Wieden+Kennedy)
Creative Directors: Antony Goldstein (Wieden/Kennedy)
Strategic Planning: Maria Correa (Wieden+Kennedy)
Contributing Creatives: Matt (Wieden/Kennedy)
Strategic Planning: Nicole Brandell (Wieden+Kennedy)
Account Management: Dana Borenstein (Wieden+Kennedy)
Interactive Production: Pam Statz (Wieden/Kennedy)
Strategic Planning: Dave Burg (Wieden+Kennedy)
Measurement: Eugene Krasnopolsky (Wieden+Kennedy)
Interactive Production: Ryan Bolls (Wieden/Kennedy)
Technical Leads: Grant Thomas (Wieden+Kennedy)
Creative Directors: Hal Curtis (Wieden/Kennedy)
Measurement: Jacob Sperla (Wieden+Kennedy)
Broadcast Production: Jennifer Hundis (Wieden+Kennedy)
Contributing Creatives: Jess Price (Wieden/Kennedy)
Communications Strategy: Kelsey Bozanich (Wieden+Kennedy)
Digital Strategy: Zack Kaplan (Wieden+Kennedy)
Developers: Laurie Brown (Wieden+Kennedy)
User Experience: Michelle Childs (Wieden/Kennedy)
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman (Wieden/Kennedy)
Developers: Trent Johnson (Wieden+Kennedy)
Account Management: Brian Mead (Wieden+Kennedy)
Lead Art Director: Caio Lazzuri (Wieden/Kennedy)
Designers: Jason Strand (Wieden/Kennedy)
Developers: Josh Perez (Wieden+Kennedy)
Project Management: Laurie Holtz (Wieden+Kennedy)
Contributing Creatives: Neil Ramanan (Wieden/Kennedy)
Interactive Production: Robbie Veltman (Wieden/Kennedy)
Contributing Creatives: Tara Dubbs (Wieden/Kennedy)
Interactive Production: Ben Oh (Wieden/Kennedy)
Digital Strategy: Christine Sheehan (Wieden+Kennedy)
Developers: Destin Young (Wieden+Kennedy)
Interactive Production: Erica De Rozario (Wieden/Kennedy)
Contributing Creatives: Gianmaria Schonlieb (Wieden/Kennedy)
Designers: Jeff Ackley (Wieden/Kennedy)
Creative Directors: Jeff Gillette (Wieden/Kennedy)
Designers: Joe Paganucci (Wieden/Kennedy)
Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples (Wieden/Kennedy)
Studio Managers: Lenore Prato (Wieden+Kennedy)
Studio Managers: Lisa Reinhardt (Wieden+Kennedy)
Contributing Creatives: Megs Senk (Wieden/Kennedy)
Designers: Oliver Rokoff (Wieden/Kennedy)
Quality Assurance: Rachel Mason (Wieden+Kennedy)
Account Management: Rachel Parker (Wieden+Kennedy)
Quality Assurance: Robb Hand (Wieden+Kennedy)
Technical Leads: Ryan Bowers (Wieden+Kennedy)

Brief Explanation
Owning a sliver of the internet is no easy feat. But to explain the indescribable "AHH" feeling you get from drinking a Coke, it had to be done. The Coca-Cola Company bought every AHH URL, from all the way to (that’s 62 H’s for anyone who’s counting). So that no matter how many H's you type you'll find an "AHH," an experience designed to entertain while also subtly reinforce Coke product attributes. Historically teenagers' short attention spans have made them the toughest market to crack. But instead of trying to force them to focus, we used their behavior to drive communication. Instead of trying to immerse them in one experience, we gave them 61 bite sized experiences to explore, each for a deliberately limited amount of time. The AHH Effect is Coca-Cola's first digitally-led effort -- it consists of dozens of websites and zero TV commercials. And it's designed for teens who consume media on their phones. Every experience is not only mobile friendly, but optimized for mobile, and made to be shared.A non-traditional mobile campaign calls for non-traditional media, so The AHH Effect is spread through teen influences, placement on key teen entertainment sites, and call-outs on Coca-Cola's massive social channels that include eye-catching images on Instagram and Facebook and crazy video teasers on YouTube. We've also incorporated AHH into real world places where teens hang out such as AMC movie theaters, McDonalds, 6 Flags, 7-11 and even inside the Coca-Cola bottles that they drink. All lead to an ahh, ahhh, or that you can access on the spot, on your phone.Go explore the world of AHH!