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Media Digital
Mercado México
Agencia Ogilvy & Mather Mexico
Associate Creative Director Marcela Estrada
Art Director Marco Antonio Quevedo, Ana Méndez
Copywriter Abraham De Lazaro
Publicado mayo 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser: DORMIMUNDO
Category: Illustration and Graphic Design
Advertising campaign: DREAMS DOODLER
Junior Digital Producer: Claudia Quiroz (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Motion Graphics: Heidy Pozos (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Developer: Axel Caballero (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Developer: Jorge Hernandez (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Information Arquitect: Daniel Barrios (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Audio: Emilio Ortega (Look As Audio)
Vice President Creative Services: Miguel Angel Ruiz (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
General Creative Director: Ivan Gonzalez (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Agency Producer: Juan Pablo Osio (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Associate Creative Director: Marcela Estrada (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Account Director: Alfredo Velasco (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Art Director: Ana Mendez (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Copywriter: Abraham de Lazaro (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
General Creative Director: Carlos Holcombe (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Developer: Carlos Martinez (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Art Director: Marco Quevedo (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)
Digital Producer: Michelle Chavez (Ogilvy & Mather Mexico)

Brief Explanation
Dormimundo, Mexico’s largest chain of mattress retail stores is an expert on sleeping. But people don’t usually buy mattresses online.To help promote their new ecommerce website, we created this experience where users wrote down their dreams to have them doodled.Illustrators interpreted each dream through doodles. Then, the dreamer got an email with a link to the doodled dream and with options of mattresses linked to the ecommerce website. You could download your doodled dream and share it. And if you got the most Likes on Instagram, you would get your dream printed on a pair of pillowcases.