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Sector Afeitado
Media Digital
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Grey New York
Director Tyler Williams Executive Producer, Sam Cadmen
Executive Creative Director Jeff Stamp, Leo Savage
Art Director Garam Park
Copywriter Andrew Schaffer
Account Supervisor Robyn Hendel, Katie Stirn
Editor Jeff Poremba
Publicado marzo 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Promo And Activation Sectors: Fast Moving Consumer Goods Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Titile: Go Ask Dad
Agency: Grey New York
Brand: Procter & Gamble
Country: USA
Advertising Agency: Grey New York
Entrant Company: Grey New York
Media Agency: Grey New York
Pr Agency: Ketchum, New York
Production Company: Grey New York
Channel Strategy Director: Ankit Bajal (Grey New York)
Evp Account Director: Jean Donahue (Grey New York)
Managing Partner: Stephen Orent (Station Films)
Partner: Tom Evelyn (Untitled Films)
Art Director: Garam Park (Grey New York)
Communications Manager: Jeff Mcdowell (Procter & Gamble)
Director Of Photography: Jesse Louttit (Untitled Films)
Brand Franchise Leader: John Mang (Gillette)
Senior Integrated Planner: Kristian Henschel (Grey New York)
Executive Creative Director: Leo Savage (Grey New York)
Account Supervisor: Robyn Hendel (Grey New York)
Director: Sam Cadmen (Station Films)
Brand Manager: Sushant Trivedi (Procter & Gamble)
Copywriter: Andrew Schaffer (Grey New York)
Partner & Executive Producer: Caroline Gibney (Station Films)
Evp, Acct. Director: Brian Weston (Grey New York)
Account Supervisor: Katie Stirn (Grey New York)
Account Manager: Charlotte Ermatinger (Touchstorm)
Assistant Producer: Chase Wagner (Grey New York)
Svp, Associate Director Of Film Production: James Mcpherson (Grey New York)
Line Producer: Jason Friedman (Untitled Films)
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Stamp (Grey New York)
Designer/Jr. Art Director: Robert Jencks (Grey New York)
Director: Tyler Williams (Untitled Films)
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist (Grey Global)
Vp, Strategic & Creative Planning: Ben Therrien (Ketchum New York)
Svp Account Director: Elizabeth Gilchrist (Grey New York)
Brand Director: Francesco Tortora (Procter & Gamble)
Project Manager: Kelsey Longo (Grey New York)
Editor: Jeff Poremba (Rooster Editorial)
MY DAD TAUGHT ME THATFathers have been always been a source of wisdom and advice; however, with the rise of the Internet, more kids and teens now turn to search engines for information than to Dad. Around the world, Father’s Day is a holiday honoring fathers and celebrating their impact on their children. It is often celebrated with gifts, making the occasion a key commercial opportunity and popular cultural event for brands. Most focus on how to make their products stand out as the “must buy” gift for dads.Gillette has always believed in the importance of fathers teaching their sons to shave. So we zigged while others zagged…Gillette didn’t try to sell the latest and greatest razor. Instead, Gillette focused on reminding sons that when it comes to answers and advice, Dad is still “The Best A Man Can Get.”
INTERRUPT THE SEARCHThe most effective way to reach guys and convince them to reconsider their behavior is to intercept the behavior as it is happening. In an unexpected and unprecedented move, we used the world’s largest online search engine to direct users off the Internet…and to dad. For Father’s Days around the world, Gillette bought hundreds of the most common search terms across Google & YouTube – everything from “how to fix a flat tire” to “how to tie a tie.” When guys searched, the top result was our “Go Ask Dad” video and our simple message: “This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad.” To further our mission, we replaced all of Gillette’s “how to shave” tutorials with the same video, encouraging millennials to instead Go Ask Dad.
FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL – A CAMPAIGN THAT IS UNIVERSALLY LOVEDWhat began in 2015 as a small, one-off activation in North America snowballed into a full-fledged global campaign, interrupting millions of search queries and generating millions of impressions around the world. For most markets, Father’s Day 2016 is 6/19. We plan to connect even more fathers and sons through our second year of search interceptions in the US, UK, and Canada.But most importantly – the “Go Ask Dad” campaign has inspired, and will continue to inspire, countless sons around the world to reconnect with their fathers on Father’s Day.
Campaign Description:
GO ASK DAD!For Father’s Day, Gillette proves that sometimes the best gift you can give Dad is to remind him that he’s the one you look up to, the one who’s opinion matters, and the one who can teach you the most about life.With this campaign, Gillette celebrates dads as the best and most valuable source of information by showing how fatherly advice surpasses even the #1 global search engine itself.
A SIMPLE SEARCH AD CONNECTS FATHERS AND SONSAfter users hit enter on their search queries, the top search result was a simple call-to-action: Today, Go Ask Dad.We also developed simple videos showing how dads providing loving and personalized advice helped their sons succeed in their tasks.We captured heartfelt interviews from fathers and sons, in which the sons unanimously agree that Dad beats the Internet every time for advice. The screen fades to black and the CTA appears: “This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad.”