Mcchicken Leo Burnett Dubai para McDonald's


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Sector Comida rápida
Media Publicidad en TV y cine, Digital
Mercado Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Agencia Leo Burnett Dubai
Regional Executive Creative Director Andre Nassar
Chief Creative Officer Bechara Mouzannar
Associate Creative Director Tariq Ayass, Anton Marais
Creative Director Michael Habre
Agencia de production DejaVu Studios
Publicado octubre 2016


Dubai Lynx 2017
Branded Content & Entertainment Music: Use of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Film
Client: Mcdonalds
Product: Fast Food
Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Entrant: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Product/Service: Fast Food
Idea Creation: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Production: Dejavu Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Chief Creative Officer: Bechara Mouzannar (Leo Burnett)
Regional Executive Creative Director: André Nassar (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Head of Art: Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Creative Director: Michael Habre (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Associate Creative Director: Tariq Ayass (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Associate Creative Director: Anton Marais (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Associate Regional Communication Director: Rasha Alazem (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Head of Tv Production: Shereen Mostafa (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Tv Producer: Zeina Daoud (Leo Burnett Dubai)
Animation Company: Herr Fuchs (Herr Fuchs)
Production Company: Déjà vu (Déjà vu)
The Campaign:
The never-ending invitation. If you decide to have a McChicken and begin to invite a few friends to join you… you'll end up inviting a never-ending group of people. Because, the truth is everyone loves the McChicken.
Creative Execution:
We created a playful film that depicts a chat between two friends as they consider who to invite to join them for a McChicken. The never-ending invitation comes to life with a fun series of emojis that depict all the wonderful characters they invite, all of whom love the McChicken. The film is driven by a quirky song that celebrates these characters and the little things that make our culture unique.
The film was launched online and distributed through McDonald’s social media platforms, including youtube, Facebook, and instagram. A cutdown of the film was also featured on TV across the region for the duration of the 1-month campaign, and the song was used in radio advertising as well.
To date, this film has achieved the highest number of views for any piece of content created and posted online for McDonalds in the GCC. The Arabic and English short and long version of the film have accumulated more than 2 million views across the regional McDonald’s social media accounts.
Rather than a traditional 30 second TVC, we created a full length original audio track with an accompanying film that celebrates the universal appeal of a McChicken. The film and the track were designed to entertain first, and advertise second. People were able to recognise themselves, their friends and family, and their culture, and that’s what made it sharable.
With over 2.14 million McChicken sandwiches sold every month in the GCC, it is indeed one of the region’s best selling sandwiches. We identified a big opportunity to strengthen sales by focussing on millennials under 30, an audience that grew up on McDonald’s but who have proven to be easily swayed by the variety of choices available to them, including the never-ending list of the newest trends. We didn’t need to explain what the McChicken is, or why it’s good, but rather we needed to remind these guys how much they love it. This is an audience that speaks in emojis, tells jokes in memes and shares some rather interesting content. For them, experiences are not only meant to be enjoyed, but rather, to be shared. And this applies to food too. In order to get them to reconnect over the simple pleasures of a McChicken, we needed to create