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Dytective [42 sec]

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Sector Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets (en), La seguridad pública, salud e higiene , Mobile applications
Media Digital
Mercado España
Agencia Cheil Madrid
Chief Creative Officer Joaquín Espagnol
Creative Director David Ricoy, Jose Vilar
Art Director Diego Otero Rodríguez
Copywriter Cristina Alonso
Agencia de production Deseif
Publicado noviembre 2016


LIA Awards 2017
Digital Apps Gold Winner
Digital Corporate Image Bronze Winner

Creditos y descripciones

Entrant: Cheil Spain, Alcobendas
Brand: Samsung
Corporate Name of Client: Samsung Electronics Iberia
Agency: Cheil Spain, Alcobendas
Chief Creative Officer: Joaquin Espagnol
Creative Directors: David Ricoy/Jose Vilar
Copywriter: Cristina Alonso
Art Director: Diego Rodríguez
Production Company: Deseif, Madrid
APP Demo on LIA ftp if requested.
Dyslexia is a learning difficulty in reading, writing and calculation which affects understanding. It occurs in children who have no physical, mental or socio-cultural disabilities. As a hidden condition it is quite difficult to detect. It has no cure, but can be treated to improve learning.
10% of children are at risk of dyslexia and Spain is one of the countries with the highest school drop-out rates. Medical examinations are not covered by the public health system and cost an average of €600, an expense which many families cannot afford.
At Samsung our aim is to improve people’s lives and to place particular emphasis on early detection in children at a young age, before it is too late and there are problems with failure at school. To do this we use technology as a tool for change.
We’ve launched Dytective for Samsung, the first app for early detection of the risk of dyslexia in children. It is free and can be accessed by anyone. It is an app which uses artificial intelligence and automatic learning algorithms, in combination with language games, to produce a percentage of children’s cognitive ability.
It features a number of carefully chosen exercises, adapted to each age range, which use character recognition to detect signs of dyslexia.
Detection of dyslexia can take months or even years. Dytective for Samsung enables clear signs of the problem to be detected in just 15 minutes, at no cost.
The primary strategy is to reach parents, teachers and schools so that they can implement use of this app in children’s first years of schooling. We are using digital media and social networks to make the campaign launch go viral and reach as many people as possible.
To maximise the number of tests taken, we offer two options: a web version and the app itself, so as to avoid any discrimination in the use of devices and provide everyone with access to the detection of dyslexia.
Dytective for Samsung has been created from a sample of 10,000 participants and implemented in 100 schools and participating centres across 5 countries.
The app analyses more than 200 variables and warns of the risk of dyslexia with 89.5% accuracy.
The test can be taken on the web platform or by downloading the app on Google Play, Android APPS or Apple Store.
In this initial phase it has been launched in Spain and extended to several Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Chile. The plan for the future is to translate it into several languages and extend its use worldwide.
In the first three months following the launch, figures show that it has achieved a high level of engagement with the target audience. Measurement of the campaign has been carried out through APP FLYER and Syzmek.
80,344 downloads through APP Stores
127,229 visits to the microsite
36,899 PC Tests
30,416 APP Tests
67,315 Total Tests
6,024 Cases of dyslexia detected
Over 100,000 Impressions in media
97% Positive comments