Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) Digital Fmtk DDB Stockholm


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Sector Gobiernos y otras autoridades
Media Digital
Mercado Suecia
Agencia DDB Stockholm
Director Olof Lindh
Creative Director Magnus Jakobsson, Fredrik Simonsson
Copywriter David Alledal
Designer Andre Karlsson, Jesper Hellzen
Producer Jonny Nylund, Mats Olofsson, Malin Gundmark
Photographer Daniel Blom
Print Production Manager Anna Hellenberg
Publicado marzo 2016


Cannes Lions 2016
Digital Craft FORM: Image; Sound; Aesthetic: Interface & Navigation (UI) Bronze Lion

Creditos y descripciones

Title: Fmtk
Agency: Ddb Stockholm
Brand: Swedish Armed Forces
Country: Sweden
Advertising Agency: Ddb Stockholm
Entrant Company: Ddb Stockholm
Media Agency: Ddb Stockholm
Pr Agency: Ddb Stockholm
Production Company: Ddb Stockholm
Additional Company: Ddb Stockholm
Designer: Andre Karlsson (Bbh Stockholm)
Producer: Jonny Nylund (Bbh Stockholm)
Executive Producer: Mattias Coldén (Ddb Stockholm)
Graphic Designer: Ian Josephsson (Ddb Stockholm)
Digital Designer: Jesper Liefvendahl (Ddb Stockholm)
Developer: Olof Montin (The Brewery)
Music: Ted Krotkiewski (Ted Krotkiewski)
Ux Director: Tor Hauksson (Ddb Stockholm)
Account Manager: Camilla Ryttare (Ddb Stockholm)
Account Director: Charlotta Sandström (Ddb Stockholm)
Account Manager: Johannes Hellqvist (Swedish Armed Forces)
Creative Director: Magnus Jakobsson (Ddb Stockholm)
Producer: Malin Gundmark (Bbh Stockholm)
Head Of Digital Operations: Roshanak Fatahian (Ddb Stockholm)
Lead Developer: Sergei Karetnikov (Bbh Stockholm)
Sound Studio: Tobias Norman (Red Pipe)
Account Manager: Lina Lerjéus (Swedish Armed Forces)
Senior Digital Designer: Petter Eriksson (Ddb Stockholm)
Planner: Claudia Backholm (Ddb Stockholm)
Planner: Cornelia Wangel (Ddb Stockholm)
Digital Director: Jon Dranger (Ddb Stockholm)
Technical Director: Michael Lokner (Ddb Stockholm)
Social Media Manager: Rickard Berggren (Ddb Stockholm)
Lead Developer: Timmy Jonsson (Bbh Stockholm)
Print Production Manager: Anna Hellenberg (Ddb Stockholm)
Head Of Digital: Emanuel Lantz (Ddb Stockholm)
Ux: Hannes Wikström (Bbh Stockholm)
Digital Account Manager: Hogir Alsan (Ddb Stockholm)
Account Manager: Sara-Josefina Holby (Swedish Armed Forces)
Head Of Marketing: Robert Forss (Swedish Armed Forces)
Copywriter: David Alledal (Ddb Stockholm)
Business Director: Jacob Sandström (Ddb Stockholm)
Designer: Jesper Hellzen (Ddb Stockholm)
Producer: Mats Olofsson (Pixlfamily)
Account Manager: Mattias Lindström (Swedish Armed Forces)
Director: Olof Lindh (B-reel)
Account Director: Stefan Parker (The Brewery)
Photoshop Artist: Christian Björnerhag (Ddb Stockholm)
Photographer: Daniel Blom (Daniel Blom)
Tech Lead: Fredrik Giliusson (Bbh Stockholm)
Creative Director: Fredrik Simonsson (Ddb Stockholm)
Developer: Mart Van De Moosdijk (The Brewery)
Planner: Sebastian Elmblad (Ddb Stockholm)
Campaign Description:
With our expertise and experience, we could not stand aside and watch as the public health declines. To get people moving, the training is got to be easily accessible, simple and back to basics. So we started FMTK (Swedish Armed Forces Sports Club) and launched our old strength-stamina-mobility-no gear-whatever the situation-whenever the time-philosophy, in a new way.
Our main focus was to make a user friendly app, where you could perform a complete workout without being disturbed by technical UI obstacles. By designing a dynamic framework that let the user focus on what is most important for the moment we created a sense of control. This led to a smooth and intuitive user flow. The design system should reflect the Armed Forces by giving a trustworthy, yet modern expression. It should feel structured, functional and reliable, but also with a human and inviting touch. The system never uses excessive decoration. Instead, the content must take place and speak for itself. The phone itself is acting adequate framing. Distance, air and margins are used as design elements in order to separate and structure the content. The design is clearly contemporary yet distinctive and unique. The visual style cannot be anyone other than the Armed Forces.