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The ARcade

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Sector Mobile applications
Media Digital
Mercado Países Bajos
Agencia Antfood
Agencia Next Empire
Agencia Woodwork Amsterdam
Publicado octubre 2017

Creditos y descripciones

GEO: Netherlands
Agency: Next Empire, Woodwork & Antfood

Soon the second season of the sci-fi series Stranger Things will premier. Being such big fans of the cult series, three Amsterdam based studios Next Empire, Woodwork and Antfood decided to team up and on their own initiative create a fan based, interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experience taking the series as their inspiration. This inter-dimensional portal, which they called The ARcade, is built using Apple’s new ARkit. The app allows users to walk into and experience another world. This world is an alternate reality existing in parallel to the human world. The experience is released as an iOS app and can be downloaded from the App Store as of now.