Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Publicidad exterior, Publicidad exterior Warning Signs, Guns Ahead Y&R Midwest Chicago

Warning Signs, Guns Ahead

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Sector Anuncios de servicio público , Against violence (en)
Media Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos, Ambiente
Mercado Estados Unidos
Agencia Y&R Midwest Chicago
Creative Director Bob Winter
Art Director Richard Fischer
Copywriter Evan Thompson
Publicado noviembre 2013

Creditos y descripciones

Media: Ambient
Category: Public interest
Agency: Y&R
Brand: Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
Geo: Americas, United States
Stop Gun Violence at
Over 1,000 people are gunned down in Illinois every year. Even more astonishing are the amount of children being killed by handguns. So we wanted to bring attention to the problem to Chicagoans in a way that they would see everyday on their commutes to and from work and school. Because the violence isn’t just happening in certain neighborhoods, it’s happening in every neighborhood. We used ordinary street signs near Chicago schools and parks and turned them into warning signs of local gun violence by placing simple stickers over the existing sign graphics. The hope was that by slightly changing a sign that most people probably ignore everyday, it would make them stop and think about what was going on around them. And then go to the site to see what they could do to help.
Advertising Agency: Y&R, Chicago, IL, USA
Creative Director: Bob Winter
Associate Creative Directors: Richard Fischer, Evan Thompson
Art Director: Richard Fischer
Copywriter: Evan Thompson