Havaianas Publicidad exterior, Design & Branding Made Of Brazilian Summer ALMAP BBDO Brazil

Made Of Brazilian Summer

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Sector Calzado
Media Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos, Design & Branding
Mercado Brasil
Agencia ALMAP BBDO Brazil
Creative Director Benjamin Yung Jr., Bruno Prosperi, Marcelo Nogueira, André Gola, Luiz Sanches Jr., Pernil
Art Director Keka Morelle, Felipe Antonioli
Copywriter Daniel Oksenberg, Pedro Corbett
Publicado enero 2017


El Ojo Festival 2017
Design Diseño de Packaging Oro
Design Piezas Impresas de Comunicación Oro
Campañas Integradas Campañas de Productos, Servicios, Institucionales e Imagen Corporativa Plata

Creditos y descripciones

Agency: Almapbbdo
Campaña/Title: Made Of Brazilian Summer
Anunciante/Brand: Alpargatas
País/Country: Brasil
Producto/Product: Havaianas
CD: Luiz Sanches, Bruno Prosperi, Andre Gola, Benjamin Yung Jr., Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil
CW: Pedro Corbett, Daniel Oksenberg
AD: Keka Morelle, Felipe Antonioli

Havaianas is an iconic brand of Brazilian sandals, sold across the world. And much more than just a pair of sandals, Havaianas, you might say, represent Brazilian summer, with all their colors, style, and comfort. The problem is that the brand isn’t at the same stage all across the world. In some places it’s quite well-known, and in others it still needs to emphasize its benefits more strongly. Some places have plenty of funding for material, others can only do point-of-sale. And to cut back on costs, the aim was to not create campaigns specific to each market, but to come up with a single, all-encompassing campaign to be used across all countries. With that in mind, we decided to illustrate the relationship between Havaianas and summer in Brazil, which is famous the world over. Being as they are, Havaianas are actually made out of the very stuff of that summer: they’re the translation of summer, with their colors, style, and their swing. And to communicate this, we decided to turn the packaging for Havaianas into packaging for everything that makes Brazilian summer what it is – its energy, rhythm, spontaneity, good vibes, friendship, free spirit, etc. And inside each pack, of course, a pair of Havaianas. We created these physical packaging styles and then photographed them, showing the Havaianas coming out of the packaging that illustrates the best of Brazilian summer.