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The Soy Sauce Posters - Sweetcorn

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Sector Salsas
Media Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos, Design & Branding
Mercado Japón
Agencia Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo
Publicado diciembre 2016


Ad Stars 2017
Outdoor Outdoor Craft: Art Direction Bronze

Creditos y descripciones

Brand: Sagawa Soy Sauce
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Japan Gk
Soy Sauce was invented 600 years ago and is an essential condimentin Japanese cuisine. Sagawa Shoyu is one of the the earliestmanufacturers and located in Yanai City’s white-walled historic districtin the Yamaguchi Prefecture. The delicate balancing act of brewing inthe traditional method has been taking place there since the ‘Samurai’era. The brand is at the quality end of the spectrum. Sagawa briefedus to create a series of Poster Designs that dramatised thecraftsmanship that goes into making their Soy and how it brings thetaste of food alive.