The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society Publicidad exterior, Digital The Singing Sailor, 1 Akestam.holst Stockholm

The Singing Sailor, 1

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Sector Anuncios de servicio público
Media Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos, Digital
Mercado Suecia
Agencia Akestam.holst Stockholm
Executive Creative Director Andreas Ullenius
Art Director Fredrik Josefsson
Copywriter Adam Reuterskiöld Åkestam Holst
Producer Johan Eklund
Publicado mayo 2015


LIA (London International Awards), 2015
Digital Weird Wonderful Work Silver Winner

Creditos y descripciones

Swedish peace organization launches a sub surface defense system. In the search for foreign submarines, the Swedish military just had their biggest mobilization for decades. But, they found nothing. Voices are heard for more resources. It's all hands on deck. Even for The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society. On the 27th of April, The Singing Sailor Underwater Defense System was installed into the sea in the archipelago due east of Stockholm. The Singing Sailor is a sub surface sonar system sending out the Morse code: "This way if you are gay". For any submarines passing close by, The Singing Sailor also features the message "Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944" (the year Sweden legalized homosexuality) as an animated neon sign. If there is a submarine down there beneath the Baltic waves and the crew should happen to see or hear the Singing Sailor they are welcome to join us in the Stockholm Pride Parade on the 1st of august. In times of unrest, love and peace across boundaries is more important than ever. We want to break-up with the violence. Our invitation is also extended to Swedish subs and military personnel and all others that want to join us, says Daniel Holking, Communications-and fundraising manager with the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society. The Singing Sailor is also a contribution to the debate that we all should shift military resources into development and rethinking security.
Media: Interactive
Category: Public interest
Corporate Name of Client:     The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society
PR / Marketing: FLB Europe/Jessica W Sandberg
Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm
Executive Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius
Copywriter: Adam Reuterskiöld
Art Director: Fredrik Josefsson
Producer: Johan Eklund
Innovative Producers: Johan Wahlberg/John Müllersdorf
Director of Photography/Motion Director: Eric Karlsson
Web Developer: Kalle Peterz
Artwork: Daniel A. Bruce
Country: Sweden