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Responsible Drinking: Woman

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Sector Vodka, La seguridad pública, salud e higiene
Media Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos
Mercado Reino Unido
Agencia AMV BBDO London
Art Director Mike Hannett
Copywriter Dave Buchanan Responsible Drinking
Publicado mayo 2008

Creditos y descripciones

Diageo seeks to be a leader in promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol.
With the “The Choice is Yours” campaign - part of our wider responsible drinking strategy to transform consumer attitudes to alcohol - we are seeking to use our marketing expertise to build on existing information & awareness raising activities, by focussing on consumers attitudes to alcohol.
This strategy is grounded in the belief that a sharp focus on transforming such attitudes will reinforce existing responsible behaviour by the majority of consumers as well as encourage those with risky drinking behaviours to re-evaluate their attitude to misuse.
Diageo is committed to driving positive change in consumer attitudes and drinking behaviours.
The “The Choice is Yours” campaign - and our wider A2A strategy - seeks to transform consumer attitudes to alcohol in the belief that this will influence the perception and treatment of alcohol by consumers.
The strategy is based on Diageo’s profound consumer insight.
Our consumer research identified a group that can be most efficiently influenced: people who enjoy alcohol and drink when socialising with friends, catching up for a gossip, playing pool; to whom having a drink is fine as long as they stay in control.
They generally tend to know how to drink without losing control, but sometimes there are times when they go a bit over the edge… It feels great at the time, but as the evening progresses (and particularly the next morning) they start to feel ashamed.
They are embarrassed about behaving badly in front of other people, and the possibility that they’ve ruined the night for their friends too.
For women this is crucial, as self image is everything, they invest so much time and money in looking good for the evening and then go and ruin it all by losing control.
They look less attractive and their behaviour does them no favours.
For men, they don’t worry so much about people around them. What they really worry about is their mates.
If their mates think they are acting like an idiot then they feel ashamed.
It is ok for them to sometimes get a bit out of control with their friends, they’ll look after them one time and know that they will be looked after.
But there comes a time when social credit starts running out, and friends’ antics become a bit of a liability.
Both women and men are likely to drink more if they are in the company of their own sex.
If they are out on a date or with their partner, they drink less, because it is more important to stay in control.
For both drinking too much becomes a problem when it starts to ruin the night, when you become the problem.
This can either be physical – being violent or aggressive, getting ill, having to be looked after, taken home or breaking things. It can also be about ruining the tone of the evening – humiliating others, speaking freely, saying things you shouldn’t have said, being lecherous or too flirty.
It makes them feel ashamed, guilty and angry with themselves.
Young adult drinkers can identify with the protagonists in the executions as this campaign is very “real” and founded in genuine insights about what a night out with your friends can be like.
Building on the recognition that consumers need to be approached from two directions in terms of attitudes to alcohol: the fear of social erosion on the one hand and the encouragement of a more positive attitude on the other, the concept is therefore about showing them the general perception that alcohol can be an element of building positive social relationships, but drinking irresponsibly can put these social relationships at risk.
We used TV as the primary medium.
This was chosen not just for its ability to reach our young target audience but also for its ability to provide the dramatic contrast that is at the core of the creative idea.
The TV advertising was reinforced with press ads in magazines and national press supplements, carefully targeted at our audience of young adults from legal purchase age to 24 year olds.
There was also outdoor presence, in the form of 6 sheet posters, to remind people of our message while out on a night out.
In addition we created a website - www.thechoiceisyours.com - that allows you to experience the core thought of how a night out in control of your drinking can be more enjoyable than a night out when you are not in control.
Our target is young adults, from legal purchase age to 24, as this is the age where people are still forming their attitudes, while people over this age have more settled habits and drinking patterns.
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (London)
Advertiser: Diageo (Anti-Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Message)
Message: Responsible Drinking
Date of First Publication 8/11/2007
Country of Production: United Kingdom
Tagline: A night to remember ? Or one to forget ?
Art Director: Mike Hannett
Copywriter: Dave Buchanan Responsible Drinking: Man