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Sector Higiene bocal
Media Publicidad exterior, vallas publicitarias, carteles, vehículos
Mercado Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Agencia Starcom Dubai
Publicado marzo 2009


Dubai Lynx 2009
Media - Silver

Creditos y descripciones

Advertiser/Client: GSK
Product/Service: TOOTHPASTE
Advertising Agency, City: STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP, Dubai
Media Agency, City: STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP, Dubai
Advertising Agency, City: STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP, Dubai
Credit Details:
Name Position Company
Mohit Lodha Media Manager Starcom Mediavest Group
Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
Acid Erosion has been identified as the epidemic of the 21st Century and a big threat to children’s health. To own ‘acid erosion’ and to combat this problem GSK launched Sensodyne Pronamel For Children toothpaste. The biggest barrier to adoption was low awareness of acid erosion amongst Arab Mums. Therefore, our key challenge was to make the problem famous. This was with a view to creating the right environment for the brand and ensuring that it fills a genuine gap in the marketplace. Our proprietary research uncovered a powerful insight about contemporary Arab mums. These women are information hungry individuals looking for ways and means to become better mums and consequently looking for expert advice from trusted sources This led us to the idea of ‘MUMPOWERMENT’ – which involved creating credible platforms & channels to inform, educate & empower mums about acid erosion.
Creative Execution:
The idea took shape of a social campaign planned over two phases. Phase 1 was to ensure mums become aware of the problem. Therefore we created a prime-time news takeover on MBC1 followed by one-to-one interviews with renowned dentists on popular news & current affair segments Phase 2 was an integrated campaign spread across TV, print & outdoor designed to showcase Pronamel and present it as the solution. In conjunction with MBC1, we created an ‘edutaining’ dental segment within their popular morning show. We invited acclaimed dentists to talk about issues surrounding Pronamel and acid erosion. We used these dentists again in the TV advertising to capitalize on their credibility and equity. Within print, we partnered with key women’s titles to feature cover-story editorials on Pronamel and leveraged their synergy with interruptive ad-formats. Similar attention-grabbing formats were used across key outdoor environments to accentuate the impact of above channels.
Results and Effectiveness:
A dedicated online survey was commissioned amongst Arab Mums to evaluate the outcome of the Pronamel campaign. The campaign was instrumental in driving awareness of acid erosion. Results showed that 52% mums now know about the problem which is significant given the fact that there was little or no awareness of the problem before the campaign. Furthermore, amongst those who are aware of the problem, 52 % have associated it with Pronamel suggesting that they clearly understand the relationship between the two. The final testimony to the success of the campaign lies in the fact that awareness was driven by multiple communication channels demonstrating the strong synergy effect delivered. The campaign also had a strong impact on sales with the Pronamel range exhibiting a 26% increase in sales in just two months after launch.